This day

Week 25, a week of changes.

Good Morning!

25 weeks

This week marks my 25th week of pregnancy! I can't believe it. This are starting to feel like they are going to go fast now.  Physically, I feel great. Though I've lost all gracefulness in all my movements. Putting my hands on my back feels good  when I walk and Julien calls me his little penguin now.  My hair is growing at an amazing pace! It was now or never to grow my hair out again. Though it probably won't be practical with a new baby to have long hair, I'm enjoying it for now. And I've noticed that I have a little duvet as my husband calls it on my stomach.  Peach fuzz.  The baby is moving more and more and I notice that he startles when there's a loud noise. And he really digs kicking my rib cage which I don't find very cool when I'm trying to sleep.  Sleeping has gotten a little better. I've added a couple more pillows to the bed/nest and try to meditate before heading off to sleep.  I've been having dreams about what the birthing experience will be like. A friend of mine gave me this amazing book called Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin.  I've been thinking about a natural birth. I want to try to experience everything to its fullest, if possible. After reading the birthing experiences of these women it really motivates me to give it a try.  I want this birth to be a spiritual and sensual experience for me. 

So, this has been a week of changes.  My body has drastically taken a new, even more bulbous shape which I love.  No changes in my relationship with Julien, it feels strong and happy like it usually does.  Our apt is starting to get organized. Our armoire was delivered yesterday and it's perfect! The baby's bedroom is cleaned and prepared to be put together.  I sat in the empty room contemplating this new life we're going to bring into this world.  How lucky we are to have all that we do.  How lucky I am to be surrounded by so much love.  I  breath in and savor every moment.  This is only the beginning...