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December 19, 2006


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You look beautiful! Isn't that book really motivating and inspirational?! Something about reading story after story of these amazing (and not always easy) births left me feeling exactly the way that you feel now. I'm so excited for you!


I have been SO out of touch with everyone's blog since starting the internship here in Sofia, Bulgaria in September that I'm running behind everyone's post! Aimee, I'm so happy for you! Wow, you're pregnant, and beautiful, and your family's going to be incredibly gorgeous. I gather you're having a son from your pictures on Flickr? Congrats again!


Love your belly shot! And boy do I know how you feel - walking like a penguin! It only gets into the worst waddle ever! LOL Have a nice day.


You look beautiful! Enjoy this time.


I'm just a week ahead of you! I loved this post because I totally know how you're feeling. :) You look marvelous!


Another good book like Gaskin's is A Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. It's got more practical info in it. That belly looks great!


Awwww! What a cute little preggo tummy! ;o)

Two other books that are good (at least I think so!) are What to Expect When You're Expecting and The Pregnancy Bible. Both can be found on the Amazon.fr website.


The new mommys in my neighborhood keep talking about a book called the Baby Whisperer. Apparently really good advice. Baby is very lucky to have such great parents. Love the "duvet" comment by your husband.


Cute :) You know, I actually thought that long hair would be practical. Because short hair seems to take so much maintenance, what with bed head and all. I'm a big fan of putting the hair up, braiding, blah, blah....

I got the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy, and also the Guide to 1st Year or something like that. I like them both.


I just gave birth to my baby boy a month ago without anesthesia in the States (I am French), and I found this cd (which I played during delivery in a loop) most helpful:

There is a cd for pregnancy relaxation (very good stuff!) and then a cd for delivery. The voice is very relaxing and helps you stay focused. The birth ended up being an amazing experience.



beautiful. beautiful. you're right it's only the beginning. (and when you finally meet him it will be like christmas every day!)


wow, you look gorgeous, and life seems gorgeous for you right now, too! enjoy it. i'm so happy for you!


Beautiful post and beautiful photo


Found you through Vivi en France - love your writing!

Coming rather late to this post, and just had to share something I experienced while helping my friend through her natural childbirth. She was vocalizing really high and nasal-y, and the midwife kept telling her that she would feel more relief (and help the baby move) if she could lower her pitch and create a deeper vibration. She couldn't manage this on her own, so her husband and I started humming along with her - sometimes starting where she was, and slowly dropping our pitch so she could "follow" us. It was totally amazing to participate that way, and she found great physical comfort in the low vibrations.

As someone who lists Neu in her current listening, I thought you could really appreciate this. ;)

Best wishes!


I am so glad someone else is having the hair thing! I feel like I need to pluck my eyebrows twice a day. Ever seen The Peanut Butter Solution? I feel like the star of this movie.

You look gorgeous- I wish my belly was half as cute as yours.

BTW, I found you through Dongurigal. :)

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