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Sunday, I'm in love...

I love Frangipane

Bourdaloue aux poire et framboise (aka. Frangipane tarte)

This is my new favorite pie! Last weekend was the fête de Galette des Rois or the celebration of Epiphany.  The holiday has been celebrated since the middle ages but more modernly it's become a way for families and friends to gather around the table to celebrate and spend time together.

I'm not a huge fan of the tarte in itself.   The original galette could look like this (Thanks, AliThinks  for the great photo!) but different regions in France have their own versions. So, with that excuse I've made my own version that my husband and I will enjoy. I love pears and he loves raspberries. I've omitted the top crusty portion of the galette and made a tarte entirely of creme d'amande and fruit.  The middle portion of the galette des rois is also called  Frangipane.  I call this my Frangipane tarte, just so much fun to say.

So check it out pre baking... the fruit will sink into the Frangipane once it's baked.

Here's the info you need to make one yourself:

Bourdaloue (Pear frangipane tarte, as I call it)

- 1 pâte sablée de 200g
- 1 crème d’amande (Recipe below)
- 1 grosse boîte de poires au sirop (or any other fruit you'd like to use)
- 1 moule à tarte

1) Beurrer la moule, le garnir avec la pâte.
2) Ajouter la crème d’amande
3) Ajouter les poires
4) Cuissons 30 minutes à four 200˚C

Crème d’amande (Or Frangipane)

-125g de beurre (en pommade)
-125g de sucre semoule
-125 g de poudre d’amande
-2 œufs à température
-30g de farine ou poudre à crème ou Maizena (corn starch) ou fécule. (I use Maizena makes for a lighter Frangipane)

1) Faire mousser le beurre. I heat the bowl in the microwave  and let the cold butter sit in the bowl for a bit to soften up. Do not melt butter completely . 

2) Incorporer la moitié de la poudre d’amande et la moitié du sucre ; faire blanchir (au batteur)

3) Ajouter 1 œuf, battre.

4)Recommencez étape 2 et 3.

5)Incorporer la poudre a crème.

My recipes are always in French and English, just the way my brain works now. Here's an english translation of the recipe.