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January 28, 2007


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Tracey Ramey

The guy was on Oprah this fall. I also saw a couple of people in seoul, Korea with the signs. I wanted to hug them but I didn't want to freak them out with my migukness. I wonder how they did in PDA unfriendly Korea?


that's great! there was a thread on this in rbj. one of the posters did it at her uni and got a great response!


He's kinda cute. I think I'd take a free hug from him. ;)


hurray for hugs... I spotted one of these guys in Union Square in San Fran. love it.

frecklegirl jess


That is too funny.

I saw him on Oprah but would have just killed to see all the French people looking at him sideways. ;)


Wow, now that is an interesting idea for Paris. That's so cool!

Mlle Smith

I would be afraid to do this in New York City...but anywhere else with free hugging is just peachy with me!! What a nice pick me up...the video made me a little teary. :0l


i LOVE that he's doing this in Paris of all places!


This isn't the same guy as on Oprah. This fella is really handsome and I'd not mind giving him a free hug at all :-)


Love the charming man's idea, LOVE his jacket, with that funky argyle sweater just peeking out from underneath.


I love this pic too - what a great idea! It would've been so funny to see how all the Frenchies were reacting to it, being a non-hugging nation and all.


I'm looking for this exact guy! Have you seen him again in Paris?

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