I actually finished something...
30 Weeks and 2 days

Free Hugs

While taking a stroll near Hotel de Ville, this guy caught my attention. Actually, I spotted him from a distance taking this   lovely photo of the Hotel de Ville basking in the setting sun. We headed over to see what was going on. In the middle of the capharnaüm going on in front of the Hotel de Ville we see this guy peddling free hugs .  Most people pass him by without glancing at him. A few look confused asking, "Mais qu'est-ce que c'est un HUG??" and a couple   bystanders give in and go and get their free hug.  As did Julien and I... we were his first 2 1/2 person hug.  When asked why he was doing this he just said "Comme ca...J'aime bien donner des câlins"

I responded, Ca tombe bien, moi aussi... :)

Check out this video on Free Hugs. And an interview with the guy who started the Free Hug Movement.