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January 06, 2007


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Sending out a hug to you.


I found your blog through, I think flickr, and I wanted to let you know that I too lost my mother and know these feelings. She died almost 14 years ago and today my son turned 8. We talk a lot about her and the kids know she comes and sees them in their sleep. Sending you a big hug.


I asked my mother to come with me to a doctor's appointment yesterday. She grabbed my hand and held it tight and aqueezed at the times she knew I was scared. Even though she is 70, my mom still gives me immense comfort. I totally understand how much you miss your Omma and your story was beautiful and very touching.


what a touching and poignant entry, aimee. thank you for sharing with us.


I don't think there is ever a lonelier time for a daughter than when she is about to be a mother, and her own mother is gone. I lost my mom six years ago in November and it still pains me today as it did then, especially when I think of my little girl and the little girl on the way that will never have a chance to know her. ((hugs)) to you and know that your wonderful memories will serve as beautiful stories to tell your children for years to come.


just by chance I read this post. It brought tears to my eyes. I can relate to that about a mother´s hands and the comfort they have brought to their children-soothing back rubs, or a firm grip when crossing a busy road...I have written about my mum in my blog and it helps to remember all those small details we may otherwise have been too complacent to have noted...thankyou for sharing


I wanted to add to this that on the day she died I was 22 years old and that morning I crawled into bed with her to cuddle with her. Later in the day I held her hand as we walked around shopping. I too, always held my mom's hand even as an adult....


Caress you beautiful growing belly and take care of your loving hands. I believe you are right that your hands will comfort your little baby the same way the hands of your Omma has comforted you.

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