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January 22, 2007


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laura b

Very cute socks! It doesn't look like your ankles are swollen yet, you lucky girl!


I've learned to love knitting, even if I'm not really nimble yet. I haven't actually made anything except practice thingies with some holes and mistakes in them, but I'm now working on my first scarf, yay!
Your socks are so cute! But they look intimidating to this beginner, haha.


Socks look great! I wish I could finish a project!!!


I know a lot of people in France who learned to knit for the sole purpose of making layette... And then they never really make it to adult garments (or socks, for that matter).


Aw, such cute socks! Here's to finished projects, always such a feat.


Sorry if this is a silly question, but what is an "FO"?

REALLY cute socks...


Great photo!


Those socks are tres cute! : )

The Franco Fille

Cute socks! You did a good job. :)


Lovely socks! And I think that sounds like a doable goal--until you have a little bebe taking up all of your spare knitting time! :)

Mlle Smith

Those are really cute...they look nice and cozy...and WARM!


the yarn is gorgeous and this photo is quite lovely as well.
and yes, one project a month until... well you know :)


please say a pair is for me???? heheee, we had snow flurries this evening!! I ran to the window like a kid.


oh my word. i can not believe i have been out of touch for so long. so sorry, i had no idea you were!!! omg. CONGRATS!!!


Love the socks!! The next 10 weeks will fly!! You're little one will be here before you know it!


Love the socks!! The next 10 weeks will fly!! You're little one will be here before you know it!


I love your socks! Is it one yarn?? They are really wonderful!

I also love that you post your belly shots:) you and riana take such great belly photos:)

You write really beautifully, I especially love the posts about your mom:)


Speaking of knitting classes, I still have loads of stuff to learn- would love to hook up for an afternoon of knitting especially if you are working on any baby knitting projects. Let me know! Once you start maternity leave it will be the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon!

frecklegirl jess

Great socks! There is definitely something mesmerizing about knitting them with variegated yarn...

Woohoo- you have some fresh meat on your hands. ;) I am teaching my two neighbors to knit. It is fun!

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