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January 30, 2007


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I followed you here from your comment on ViVi's blog, and what great pictures to greet me! I look forward to learning more about you (both) :)


My guess is 48" - that's where mine was at - at the end! :)


The last month is when the baby really bulks up so be ready to be surprised. The more you gain in these last few weeks, the more likely that the baby will have nice fat cheeks. I'll say 49, the bigger the better.


That's the same guess my husband made. I'm thinking more towards 50". Who knows!


Holy Cow, that's a lot of baby! Hmm, I have no authority on this subject, but my mom blew up like a BALLOON at the end of her pregnancy with my brother. So I'm gonna go with you on the 50". ;)


hmmm I would think about 48". When is your due date btw?


i heart guessing games! i say 48.5!


SQUEEEEEEE!!! Oh, it is such a joy to see this. :) Yay! Little G is on his way. How wonderful. I am just verklempt. Ooooo!

Um, I'll say 50.5. Now I want to measure me!


You made me want to measure my belly! I'm at 44 inches at 35 weeks. My guess for you at term will be 51 inches.

Amy Goff

I'm going to say 52. You get the biggest at the end!!

frecklegirl jess

I'm gonna go with 49.5... I love that measuring tape shot- too cute.


Hello, this isn't baby belly-related, but I just now saw your blog mentioned on the NY Times website for the article about the voice of a city blog. Fun! I had never seen the voice of a city blog so I'm happy to discover it.


one more inch.


Beautiful belly pics!!!!!!

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