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January 09, 2007


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I'm a Korean-American living in France and ran across your blog. I'm pregnant at the moment too. Let's talk!


Your frekles suit you!


You are a fabulous writer! And a wonderful person (and photographer) what a great touching story!

I have the freckles too, they are kind of fun, n'est pas?


that is a totally amazing story. as i was reading it felt like i was reading a film script. it pleases me over on the other side of the world that the two of you found each other. beautiful :)


what a beautiful start to a friendhip; divine intervention for both of you!


That one got me a little teary.


this is a very touching entry. I'm glad you have made friends with a neighbor! It's nice to have a friend very nearby.


you're going to have the most beautiful baby, flare :-)


You look beautiful in these pictures. I wish you all the happiness in the world. Your baby is a very lucky baby.


i love the story of your new friendship. and the new series of photos is beautiful.

frecklegirl jess

Love this story! It brought tears to my eyes. (not pregnant just hormonal hehe)

It is so difficult to meet new friends in the city- let alone in a French one... Nobody brings you cookies when you move in, huh? :)

Just found your blog from Jess/ yarnmonster. Will definitely be reading from now on. France stuff, makeup, cute pregnant knitter- how can I resist?


I love this story and have thought about it several times since reading your post. It's beautiful!

Julie Vieux


That woman was right, you will be a wonderful mother. Even in college you were sort of a den mother to us. I learn so much from you still. You are a kind soul and it shows, even to those who cannot see your smile.

I love you.


Knitting Bandit

What a fabulous way to make a friend. Your story was very touching...thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your stories!


Aimee, this is such a beautiful story. Tears came to my eyes. How sweet of you to reach out to her. What a gift for both of you!

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