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January 9, 2007 - Shooting Blind III

This is part of a series I shot tonight of myself for My 2007 Daily Photo Dairy. Shooting blind. I've never done this before. My eyes in this one don't seem like my own. How about a close up on my pregnancy induced freckles? And I just liked this one.

The real story behind the though process of these photos:

I made a new aquaintance yesterday and she's already made an impact on my life.  She's my neighbor. Well, she lives in the building next to mine in the same apartment complex. I was crossing the street yesterday to catch the bus to work and I noticed a woman about to walk out in the middle of the street. Then I noticed that she was blind and probably didn't see the car that was speeding towards her.  I was on the other side of the street and I ran to curb and yelled "Madam, il y a une voiture!!" She stopped. I crossed the street and offered her my assistance which she gladly took.  I found out that she was headed to the same bus stop as I was and we were actually heading in the same direction.  I found out that she has a 4 year old daughter that she was going to pick up from school right on the same street where I work. I offered to her that we go together everyday since we leave at the same time.  She gladly said yes. I was happy to have the company.  Upon boarding the bus I couldn't stop thinking about how she sees the world through her other senses. Tears came to my eyes as I looked at her admiringly.  She turned towards me right at that moment and asked me if  I was ok? She touched my hand which was resting near by and said that she was glad to have met me. And that she sensed that I'd be a good mother. I hadn't told her I was pregnant.  It looks like we are going to be able to help one another.  I can help her by lending her the use of my eyes and she's already helped me by just making me see more clearly.

After living in Paris for nearly 4 years, I've just made friends with my first neighbor.