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Sleepy hands at 29 weeks

January 15, 2007 - I don't recognize this hand...

From My 2007 Daily Photo Diary:

it's the hand from the Addams family!

Today, I had my monthly check up and everything is going very well. I've only gailed 4 kilos since my last visit for a total of 11 kilos to date. I'm pretty happy with that. I don't have gestational diabetes. My blood pressure is normal.  My hands are still swollen and sleepy most of the time. It makes knitting very hard but I deal. The doctor isn't concerned with it at all and has given me a magnesium supplement to take and said just to wait it out.  I still have plenty of energy and try to make the most of the days to continue to prepare for the baby. We still have work to do at home and I try to do a little everyday.  My complexion  is the best it has been in years! I'll miss the hormones for that though I could do without the daily emotional roller coaster.  The baby is positioned head down and the doctor thinks he'll remain like that until he makes his grand debut. His little tootsies are suggled right up under my ribs. Lovely. He shows off his fancy foot work every night before bed and now he's doing coupe de boule or head butts against my bladder which we witnessed today during the sonogram.   

I've found out that I will go on congé maternité on Febuary 5th. That's 8 weeks before the esitmated due date of our babe. And I'll have another 10 weeks after that! I can hardly believe it .  My friend in the US went back to work 4 weeks after he baby was born and she had to take time off without pay to have that much time.  The social ideals of each country astound me.

Just wondering... for those of you who have children, how much time did you take off after giving birth?  Or I guess I should say how much time were you allowed off?