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January 14, 2007


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where is this store? i need to go!


They are closed Mondays but open Sundays and every other day of the week until 8pm.

Ace Mart
63, rue Sainte-Anne
75002 PARIS
tel : +33 (0)1 42 97 56 80
(M°Quatre Septembre)


My husband is absolutely better at cleaning and I'm better at straightening and organizing.

Cute belly!


Bonjour Aimee!! I'm an avid reader of "The Bold Soul", and on a couple of Lisa's recent posts I've clicked on links leading to your blog. Now I've started reading your blog, and it's great. I love Paris, I've been there at least 44 times (5 visits in 2006), and I'm also planning to move to Paris-- hopefully by 45. :)


Try not to change your habits too much when the baby comes. Get a nice travel system and take the baby everywhere. We did that with our baby from the first week on and now she's so well-conditioned to social situations that we can still take her with us and she'll stay at the table or entertain herself (she's 20 months old). She's also good at sleeping wherever we go. We just make sure to take the necessary time to put her to bed in a quiet corner and voilà.


Spontaneous? HA HA! Thats hilarious. I agree that you have just get your stuff sorted out so that Baby is very portable, but still. The idea of dashing out of the house (with a mountain of baby gear), going to grab some dinner at a restaurant because we are too lazy to cook (and hoping there is room in the the place for the stroller, baby sits quietly, and is not bothered by smoke while we eat), and then wandering home at some undefined hour (did we bring an extra extra bottle? enough diapers? a change of clothes?)? I dream of the day when that is once more possible. The first couple months, its OK because really all you're dealing with is a noisy handbag. After that, all bets are off. Definitely enjoy every spontaneous outing you can right now because you just don't know what personality your baby will have.


Definitely take the little guy wherever you go, but it'll take you 20 minutes just to leave the house.

Do you have the diaper bag? Are there diapers, bottles, toys, formula, etc in the bag? Oh crap, it's cold out. Better grab an extra blanket and a jacket. Ready now? He just crapped, now you gotta change him. Ahhh.. now we are ready.


Restaurants, we find, are the most difficult places to go with Logan. Some places don't have high chairs or aren't setup correctly to use them.

Novel Nymph

I am so exicted for your in your pregnancy buzz--I hope that the only thing that changes for you is that that you will have a bundle of joy so cute that you might almost want to eat it!;)


You look so lovely! Good luck to you...

That book is wonderful re: Natural Childbirth is wonderful, so is another that can be ordered Mother As First Guru from Australia.

I was all signed up for the ob/gyn but went natural at a birthing center in a jacuzzi. It was very mystical and I wish you best of luck.

Mary Anne

well, Jack went to a soccer game the 1st day we had him home, and out to dinner with Poppa and Grandma Judy that same night...I found that Jack and Sarah have been much better behaved in public than my nephews....because I have always taken them, and they know I have expectations...getting out of the house quick is gone, but we do go, and now they are great at get your shoes and lets go...and geeee...I have to carry a diaper bag again...darn...I liked being done with that...hugs, off to bf class at the hospital!



I'm with everyone else. From what I've seen, you can still get out. It will just be with a lot of accessories.

Also I highly recommend getting out with baby. One can always tell the difference between the kids who regularly do things in public with their parents versus those who don't.


I can't remember whether I've commented here yet, but I just wanted to say that I've been quietly reading your blog for a few months now, and I really do love reading about your daily adventures, your wonderful creativity, your baking, the love you share with your husband and all those around you.

You are a beautiful woman, and your new profile photo really shows that to full effect: it is truly lovely! Just gorgeous...

Best to you.


Your lives after the baby is born will change as much as you let it. Of course, adjustments will have to be made, but I agree with one of your other commenters that babies are very adaptable, and it's very good for them to get used to different situations and different people.

As for J doing the housework- good for him! I am such a control freak that I wouldn't trust E to do it.

Amy Goff

Yeah, your life will change drastically!!! Enjoy sex now, as it is hard to enjoy with a baby crying lol!! Spontanaity is still possible, but is a stretch. It takes so long to get the baby ready that it almost isn't worth the effort! It is worth every minute though!

Amy Goff

Yeah, your life will change drastically!!! Enjoy sex now, as it is hard to enjoy with a baby crying lol!! Spontanaity is still possible, but is a stretch. It takes so long to get the baby ready that it almost isn't worth the effort! It is worth every minute though!

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