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Sleepy hands at 29 weeks

Sunday, I'm in love...

January 14, 2007 - My husband insists that I have a duvet. I'd rather call it peach fuzz, thank you very much!

Caption for photo: My husband insists that I have duvet, but I'd like to call it peach fuzz, thank you very much!!

It's been a rather productive Sunday.  I've started giving reading lessons to my neighbor's daughter today. She's 4.  Her teacher gives her a book a week to read. I'm supposed to read it to her and then we discuss to make sure she understood the story.  I must say she's a pretty astute little 4 year old. I am really going to enjoy our weekly reading dates.  After the lesson, I came home to house buzzing with commotion. My husband had started the laundry and changed the sheets, made the bed and started cleaning out the utility closet. We've become a better oiled machine when it comes to sharing the household duties. I'm almost ashamed to say that my husband is sometimes better than I am when it comes to doing things like the dishes and cleaning the bathroom.  I know he's reading this so I have to say that "T'es le best, mon amour!" :) After defrosting the fridge and cleaning up we decided to head to the Korean grocery store near Opera to pick up a few things I've been craving lately and to fill our tummies full of yummy Japanese noodles.  While we were in the neighborhood, we enjoyed a nice walk to Palais Royal and metro'd it home as the sun started to set.

I wonder how drastically our lives will change when our baby arrives.  Or maybe it won't...  I hope to be able to still do spontaneous things. I honestly have no idea what to expect. So, I guess I won't expect anything and just take it as it comes. So far, so good...