No Smoking Ban
Snow Schmow...

Gotta keep amovin'!

Today is the first day of my congé maternité.  I'm actually glad because I'm starting to feel the weight of the baby and this strange cloud of fatigue often surrounds me and the only thing I can think of doing is sitting down and closing my eyes for a bit.  The baby is moving around a lot and often makes my stomach look like a lopsided egg.  He's snuggled head down with his little tushy right up by right rib cage.  I will officially be 32 weeks tomorrow.

31 weeks
Check out that claoptis!!

Eight more weeks to go before we get to meet out little guy. So, to make the most of my maternity leave I've left a few home projects to keep me busy.  The crib and the baby's room needs to be set up. I won't be putting the crib together, of course but will be making curtains and finishing a few other crafty projects for the baby's room.  We still need to buy a new sink and cabinet unit for out kitchen. We can't decide on what we want but we better get moving so that maybe we can take advantage of Les Soldes which will be going on until mid next week. And finally on my quest to stay active during my maternity leave, I've decided to try to walk every other day to a discover a new place in Paris.  Yesterday, Julien took me down to the Port de Paris which is located near Bastille for a leisurely walk towards the Seine.

Crue = montée de des eaux de fleuve or flooding riverbanks.

We watched boats enter the port, admired les peniches, daydreamed what it would be like to live on a boat and enjoyed a rare moment of silence in the middle of this busy city we live in.  We continued our walk along the banks of The Seine to the Quai de le Gare next to the Gare Austerlitz. At the corner of Gare Austerlitz and boulevard Vincent Auriol there is an amazingly cute retro cafe called Lili & Marcel.  We stopped in for an apéritif and to rest our feet before heading home.

Not sure where tomorrow's walk will take me but maybe I'll find something on iToors. Maybe a walk in the steps of Hemmingway in Paris?