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Plus fort que moi

I've just cleaned the pantry. Emptied everything, wiped the shelves down and re-organized it. I never do this.

Nesting? Yes, I think so.

Here's what Julien thinks:

Transforming mom into a cleaning lady... on Vimeo

Julien says: "Merci, mon fils. Tu as transformé ta mère en cleaning lady. Pas besoin d'en embaucher une. J'en aurai une à la maison.  C'est merveilleux. Je ne croyais pas que celà serait possible mais tu as reussi l'impossible. Tu n'est pas encore né et tu es deja merveilleux. " 

Thank you, son. You have transformed your mother into a cleaning lady. Now I don't need to hire one, I have one at home. It's great! I didn't think it would be possible but you have accomplished the impossible.  You're not even born yet and you're already marvelous.

So, my nose won't stop running and I want to drink a beer....

I'm not really sick. No fever to justify it. I'm tired but that's end of pregnancy for you. My nose is runny and my throat has a tickle. I went to the pharmacie today to get some homeopathic remedies to help me breath so I can pretend to sleep at night. Julien fell asleep last night at 10pm and I listened to him slumber away while I tried not to blow my one nostril that isn't clogged up.  Are you totally enthralled with my life right now? Ha. You can stop reading if you want...

A funny thing has happened, my hands are no long sleepy. Not like they were for hours on end. I can actually feel myself typing on the keyboard and knitting is fun again.  Also, my belly feels super heavy and low. I noticed last night I was breathing easier but it might have been the minute when both my nostrils were no longer clogged. Not sure... Feels like my body is preparing for something good. I'm so excited.  Then I started thinking yesterday, I don't have my suitcase packed. The baby's room isn't set up. We're waiting for Conforama to deliver a dresser we ordered three weeks ago. The apt is a mess. I still need to finish a couple knit projects. When does the nesting instinct kick in? And all I can think about is, "boy, I'd really like to have a beer right now".  Priorities, I tell ya... At least tonight I get go out with some fun peeps in Paris. Fabulous international bloggers to be exact, We're going to a pub where there will be drinking and laughing and fun to be have... I'm looking forward to this because who knows when I'll get to do this again.  All I know is the belly will be out in full force tonight and maybe there will be another video for you to laugh at this weekend.

Happy Friday to you all... someone around the world is having drinks right now, have one for me, OK?


I attended for the second time a bi-weekly knitting group that meets at different apartments around Paris.  I was a bit apprehensive to go a couple weeks ago, I was going alone and I often get a bit intimidated meeting a bunch of new people all at once.  But I had a sock I was working on in my bag and knew that if it got overwhelming I could always lose myself in my knitting for a while.  It was anything but overwhelming. The group was amazing.  I met women of all different ages, generations and nationalities. The energy in the room was so positive. This was something that I had really needed.  So, I made my second appearance at the Tuesday knitting group. I guess I'll call Tuesday knitting until I can think of something more witty to call it.  We were at an American woman's apartment tonight not far from where I live.  A lot of new faces and new knitting projects to share.  There was this amazing energy flowing through the room the entire night, something that I haven't felt in such a long time. A sense of community. All of us brought together for the love of knitting.   We sat around talking shop, sharing patterns, learning about one another, laughing about boyfriend, husbands, eating good food  and we even knit a little, too.

My life has changed so much in the last year or so and the change is continuing to carry me as I wait for the birth of our son.  Meeting these women at this time in my life has really opened my eyes to how being apart of a community helps  to bring a sense of home to this city I'm still learning to live in.   My feet have been planted for a while now and finally, I'm starting to feel the roots grow. 

Childhood memories

Childhood memories, originally uploaded by PutYourFlareOn.

After teaching an English lesson last night, one of my students brought out Mille Bornes to play.  I sat in a state of déja vu because this was the game we used to play all the time at GaGa's house. We used to pronouce it "Mill-eh Borns".  I had no idea that someday I would marry  a Frenchman, be speaking French and living in France.  As kids, we guessed at what the French words meant on each card and we made up our own rules because we were unable to understand the directions which were written in French.  I do remember imitating faux French accents a la pépé le pue from the cartoons and laughing a lot when someone would get Créve or As de volant or we'd say volant's ass.   Still after so many years... this game is still very fun to play.

Sock it to me

Last weekend I could have sworn that Spring was making it's way to Paris. Sunny rain showers and spring-like gales sweeping the streets reminded me of springtime in Kansas.  I look around at the Parisians bundled up like it was below zero outside while I'm wearing my spring jacket (unbuttoned) with a light weight scarf lightly draped around my neck enjoying the gust of wind blowing my hair out of my face.  Perfect weather for a pregnant lady whose oven has been on for nearly 9 months now.

I got in a little knitting in the park by my house in this weekend between rain showers. I finished sock one of the gray and green leg warmer sock for my husband.  He kept trying on my NoNo kitty socks, so I gave in...

Julien's green and gray house socks

Julien's green and gray house socks

Per my husband's request, he wanted long cuffs. "Leg warmers", he said. Same pattern as the NoNo kitty socks I made a few weeks ago.

A week ago I finished  a pair of socks for Riana of French Toast France. I'm keeping with my knitting resolution of one FO a month. Yay. Riana was sweet enough to send me a photo of the socks on her cute little feet:

Riana's Socks
Click photo for knitting details.

I tried to send them to her in time for her to wear in the hospital for the birth of her daughter but her daughter had other ideas and decided to come a little early! Check out how cute she is!

WIP: Cable Twist Socks

And finally, I cast on last night to make a pair of Cable Twist Socks from Hello Yarn. I'm using my favorite yarn of moment, Anny Blatt 100% Merino. It's so springy and soft. It's the same yarn I used for Riana's socks. I'm have a little trouble starting the heel, I feel like the pattern might be wrong but it's more likely me reading the pattern incorrectly.  Has anyone else had any difficulties with the heel portion of this pattern? Any ideas for an alternative heel?

The log cabin blankie is coming along nicely... I'll have an update photo of that very soon.

Ironic that I'm knitting socks when personally I hate wearing socks. First thing I do when I get home is strip down to my bare feet. Even in the winter time. So, I chalk it up to the addicting nature sock knitting is but I just can't bring myself to knit anything else right now.

Well, I'm off to figure out the heel on the Cable Twist sock. Thanks to everyone for their advice and support on my latest baby update. Time seems to be going by so fast now... I can't wait.

Week 32. An interesting week.

I had my third big sonogram yesterday. The baby looked great.  Profile like his daddy and big pouty lips. During the sonogram, I looked over at my doctor's face to see a hugh smile come across his face. He was impressed because our baby's growth curve was off the charts.  After measuring the circumference of the baby's head, his trunk and the length of his arms and legs, my doctor declared that we were having a gros, beau bébé!!  I looked at my husband and then look at my doctor and asked what that meant exactly. He pulled up the calculations and said that he estimated our baby weighs 3.3 kilos. That's 7.7 lbs. At 32 weeks and 4 days.

There was silence in the room.  A big baby. Oh... my.

We went went back to his office to finish our visit. Thoughts started racing through my head. What if he's too big to come out? Have I eaten too much this last month? How much weight have I gained in the last month?! OH. MY. GOSH. The doctor checks my blood pressure (a-ok) and asks me to hop up on the scale. "One kilo", he exclaims.  I've gained one kilo in the last month. How is that possible?  How did my baby get so big?  We ran through family history and we suspect that it just runs in my family. My siblings were big babies. My dad is 6 feet tall and my brothers are both 6'3" as are Julien's brothers. It must be genetic.

So, what does this all mean? The doctor said that I don't need to monitor what I'm eating and should continue as I have for the past month.  Keep up my walks and just take good care of myself.   In four weeks, I'll go in for an x-ray of my pelvis to see how big it is compared o the size of the baby to see if a vaginal birth will be possible.  If so, at 37 weeks they will induce. If he's too big in four weeks time, then we just wait until my labor starts naturally and I will have a c-section.  Still trying to get my mind around all this 

I could have my baby in 4 weeks! I can't believe it. 

Real quick question, I know some of you who read my blog have had babies in France, how accurate is the weight estimation? Do they do this in the US as well?

So, I've been in a sort of dizzy haze the last day or so, I went to my prenatal class today and discussed this new revelation with the sage femme and she explained the growth curve they use to calculate pre-birth weight.  She felt my stomach and the position of the  baby and smiled as she declared, "Un gros, beau, bébé, ne vous  inquetez pas, vous serez prête".  I sure hope I'm ready for this... :)

Snow Schmow...

Snow Schmow..., originally uploaded by PutYourFlareOn.

It's currently snowing in Paris. Not what I'm accustom to growing up in Kansas but it'll do for now... no hope for it to stick,though.... my thermostat currently says it's 38 degrees F outside?!?!?

Gotta keep amovin'!

Today is the first day of my congé maternité.  I'm actually glad because I'm starting to feel the weight of the baby and this strange cloud of fatigue often surrounds me and the only thing I can think of doing is sitting down and closing my eyes for a bit.  The baby is moving around a lot and often makes my stomach look like a lopsided egg.  He's snuggled head down with his little tushy right up by right rib cage.  I will officially be 32 weeks tomorrow.

31 weeks
Check out that claoptis!!

Eight more weeks to go before we get to meet out little guy. So, to make the most of my maternity leave I've left a few home projects to keep me busy.  The crib and the baby's room needs to be set up. I won't be putting the crib together, of course but will be making curtains and finishing a few other crafty projects for the baby's room.  We still need to buy a new sink and cabinet unit for out kitchen. We can't decide on what we want but we better get moving so that maybe we can take advantage of Les Soldes which will be going on until mid next week. And finally on my quest to stay active during my maternity leave, I've decided to try to walk every other day to a discover a new place in Paris.  Yesterday, Julien took me down to the Port de Paris which is located near Bastille for a leisurely walk towards the Seine.

Crue = montée de des eaux de fleuve or flooding riverbanks.

We watched boats enter the port, admired les peniches, daydreamed what it would be like to live on a boat and enjoyed a rare moment of silence in the middle of this busy city we live in.  We continued our walk along the banks of The Seine to the Quai de le Gare next to the Gare Austerlitz. At the corner of Gare Austerlitz and boulevard Vincent Auriol there is an amazingly cute retro cafe called Lili & Marcel.  We stopped in for an apéritif and to rest our feet before heading home.

Not sure where tomorrow's walk will take me but maybe I'll find something on iToors. Maybe a walk in the steps of Hemmingway in Paris?

No Smoking Ban

My husband has quit smoking in time for the February 1st no-smoking ban. (Thank you for all the support!) After talking with some close friends yesterday they were excited to hear this. One of them being an ex-smoker, too.  As we were discussing, I just happened to mention that the new no smoking ban only works for now in public places like the metro and hospitals.  My friend look at me side ways, "But you're not supposed to smoke in the metro anyways?" and my husband replies, "Yes, now you'll be fined 68 euros if you are caught smoking in the metro." I find it incredible that it takes a hefty fine to get people to obey a rule that already existed.  In all actuality, the no smoking ban for places that matter to us are restaurants, bars and clubs and that law won't go into affect until 2008.  We had stopped going to  places like that because we were tired of smelling like walking ashtrays after a few hours out. I guess it's baby steps... it's always baby steps in this country.  But at least they are taking steps to make it healthier for all.  I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of manifestation someday about this subject.   Another blogger recently had a very interesting experience with the recent Feb. 1st no smoking ban. I find it simply incredible... I think it would be that woman and her compatriots that would be manifesting against this law if anyone decided they needed to go on strike for something.