So, my nose won't stop running and I want to drink a beer....
Weedy Banter

Plus fort que moi

I've just cleaned the pantry. Emptied everything, wiped the shelves down and re-organized it. I never do this.

Nesting? Yes, I think so.

Here's what Julien thinks:

Transforming mom into a cleaning lady... on Vimeo

Julien says: "Merci, mon fils. Tu as transformé ta mère en cleaning lady. Pas besoin d'en embaucher une. J'en aurai une à la maison.  C'est merveilleux. Je ne croyais pas que celà serait possible mais tu as reussi l'impossible. Tu n'est pas encore né et tu es deja merveilleux. " 

Thank you, son. You have transformed your mother into a cleaning lady. Now I don't need to hire one, I have one at home. It's great! I didn't think it would be possible but you have accomplished the impossible.  You're not even born yet and you're already marvelous.