Plus fort que moi

So, my nose won't stop running and I want to drink a beer....

I'm not really sick. No fever to justify it. I'm tired but that's end of pregnancy for you. My nose is runny and my throat has a tickle. I went to the pharmacie today to get some homeopathic remedies to help me breath so I can pretend to sleep at night. Julien fell asleep last night at 10pm and I listened to him slumber away while I tried not to blow my one nostril that isn't clogged up.  Are you totally enthralled with my life right now? Ha. You can stop reading if you want...

A funny thing has happened, my hands are no long sleepy. Not like they were for hours on end. I can actually feel myself typing on the keyboard and knitting is fun again.  Also, my belly feels super heavy and low. I noticed last night I was breathing easier but it might have been the minute when both my nostrils were no longer clogged. Not sure... Feels like my body is preparing for something good. I'm so excited.  Then I started thinking yesterday, I don't have my suitcase packed. The baby's room isn't set up. We're waiting for Conforama to deliver a dresser we ordered three weeks ago. The apt is a mess. I still need to finish a couple knit projects. When does the nesting instinct kick in? And all I can think about is, "boy, I'd really like to have a beer right now".  Priorities, I tell ya... At least tonight I get go out with some fun peeps in Paris. Fabulous international bloggers to be exact, We're going to a pub where there will be drinking and laughing and fun to be have... I'm looking forward to this because who knows when I'll get to do this again.  All I know is the belly will be out in full force tonight and maybe there will be another video for you to laugh at this weekend.

Happy Friday to you all... someone around the world is having drinks right now, have one for me, OK?