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February 23, 2007


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Sounds like the baby has "dropped". good news indeed. He's in the loaded [and downright] position... :-)

And good news about getting out and about. It'll be possible after, just more complicated.

I hear Guiness is good for late preggies. Gets the milk going strong...

Mary Anne

How about a strawberry daquri? That is the craving here...do they deliver to the hospital...

and who needs labour drugs...I just want a darn Nyquill!

Mary Anne
who is repeating in her head...3/12....3/12...3/12


Jennifer is right. At this point in the pregnancy, the baby is "fully cooked" - he's just in the oven staying warm! If you really want a beer have one. Even just a sip or two might kill the craving without making you feel guilty.

Sounds to me like he'll be here very, very soon. Is there a betting pool yet about when he'll make his debut?


Have you tried a neti pot for your congestion? I use one regularly and it really helps. Unfortunately, though, it does very little to help with pregnancy associated inflammation. My ent advised sudafed for that when needed. Of course I have to make a run across the border to Missouri to buy it without going "on the books". Maybe I'll pick up some fireworks while I'm there too!


My friend, Ronica, swears on those things. I don't know if you can get those here in Paris. I shall have a look this weekend.

As for bets on when the babe comes? Not yet but feel free to throw your thoughts out there... I'm 35 weeks now.

MA- a Strawberry daquri does sound good... maybe Julien will let me sip on his Guinness tonight.

La Rêveuse

Yes! Neti Pots! If you can't get one at a pharmacie, try the Indian shops near the Gare du Nord. It's just a little pot that you pour salt water through your nostrils with--heaven. Sounds gross, but once you try it, you'll love it.

I hear you on a lot of this, though I'm still not that big yet. I have a continuous cold, though mine is usually also bloody--PG induced nosebleeds seem to be my fate. And I was making scalloped potatoes and ham one night last month and was dying for a beer. Dr. B went to the liquor shop around the corner and asked if they had any N/A beer, because his pregnant wife was craving it. The middle-aged lady smiled and handed him two bottles on the house! :) It's so much more expensive than regular beer, he was really happy. And boy, did it taste gooooooooood with the spuds and ham. Mmmm... But a few sips won't harm anything. I even had a 1/2 glass of wine the other night, and she's kicking like crazy anyway.

Now if I could just get her to move. She's angled to either kick my right side or directly inside my pelvic girdle--not fun. I'm trying to "encourage" her to turn, but so far no luck.


La Reveuse...please don't mention ham! I'm at the end of my first trimester and craving bacon. I don't eat pork for religious reasons and all I can think about is bacon. Oh, and a ham&cheese turnover from Wheatfield's. That's a local bakery cafe that thinks it makes a decent baguette - too crusty for my Parisian spoiled tastes. Yes, I read your blog too and have been feeling your pain on finding a decent baguette in the Midwest.

Flare-I'm a Kansan too. And a knitter. And I lived in Paris for a year. And I'm expecting. Sometimes when I read you're blog I feel like I could have written it! Thanks for sharing your life with the world.


i drank wine and beer. a few sis or a half glass here and there. and definitely more than once. ;)


You can have a beer once you deliver, it helps you milk come in- seriously. Ask your midwife about it...
mmm, beer.
have a great time out and about!


Have one for me, too!

You sound like you're in a great place. 35 weeks and counting... you're next on the list, my dear!


I'll have one for you. Or two.


For what it is worth I got a cold before each of my babies were born. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to breathe through the contractions then it cleared up and I went into labor soon after.

can't stop reading...must keep going...

I'm going out tonight...i'll be thinking of you!! get your baby room set up...you are running out of time! :)


that last comment was posted by me!!


I thought so, Erin... haha.


My allergies were horrific the year I was breast-feeding Ella and finally I went to the dr begging for something. After combing through his reference books, he prescribed Pivalone, which is a spray that can be used for different kinds of stuffy/runny noses. You do need a prescription though, so you would have to see a dr if you want to give it a try. The good thing is that it says in the notice that it is fine for during pregnancy.
As for the beer craving, I think that you should let yourself have a half a glass. There are certain vitamins in beer that are hard to find in other foods- if your body is craving it, there might be a reason. I bet if you asked your doctor, he would tell you to go right ahead.


Hi Aimee,

Hope you had a great time out last night! Sounds like things are really close... It's so exciting! It's funny, I'm excited for you... And I can't wait to see what he looks like!

I'm waiting patiently over here while some pie crust chills in the refrigerator, and then I'm going to attempt a tarte au chocolat for the first time. I'm really hoping it turns out, 'cause I'm supposed to be bringing it to a friend's place tonight. On verra...

Have a fab weekend!

Mary Anne


Road trip here and get mine done....


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