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Last weekend I could have sworn that Spring was making it's way to Paris. Sunny rain showers and spring-like gales sweeping the streets reminded me of springtime in Kansas.  I look around at the Parisians bundled up like it was below zero outside while I'm wearing my spring jacket (unbuttoned) with a light weight scarf lightly draped around my neck enjoying the gust of wind blowing my hair out of my face.  Perfect weather for a pregnant lady whose oven has been on for nearly 9 months now.

I got in a little knitting in the park by my house in this weekend between rain showers. I finished sock one of the gray and green leg warmer sock for my husband.  He kept trying on my NoNo kitty socks, so I gave in...

Julien's green and gray house socks

Julien's green and gray house socks

Per my husband's request, he wanted long cuffs. "Leg warmers", he said. Same pattern as the NoNo kitty socks I made a few weeks ago.

A week ago I finished  a pair of socks for Riana of French Toast France. I'm keeping with my knitting resolution of one FO a month. Yay. Riana was sweet enough to send me a photo of the socks on her cute little feet:

Riana's Socks
Click photo for knitting details.

I tried to send them to her in time for her to wear in the hospital for the birth of her daughter but her daughter had other ideas and decided to come a little early! Check out how cute she is!

WIP: Cable Twist Socks

And finally, I cast on last night to make a pair of Cable Twist Socks from Hello Yarn. I'm using my favorite yarn of moment, Anny Blatt 100% Merino. It's so springy and soft. It's the same yarn I used for Riana's socks. I'm have a little trouble starting the heel, I feel like the pattern might be wrong but it's more likely me reading the pattern incorrectly.  Has anyone else had any difficulties with the heel portion of this pattern? Any ideas for an alternative heel?

The log cabin blankie is coming along nicely... I'll have an update photo of that very soon.

Ironic that I'm knitting socks when personally I hate wearing socks. First thing I do when I get home is strip down to my bare feet. Even in the winter time. So, I chalk it up to the addicting nature sock knitting is but I just can't bring myself to knit anything else right now.

Well, I'm off to figure out the heel on the Cable Twist sock. Thanks to everyone for their advice and support on my latest baby update. Time seems to be going by so fast now... I can't wait.