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February 13, 2007


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Love Riana's socks and the contrasting pink stitches-beautiful!


I'm wearing the socks right now! They are fabulous, so warm and comfy and perfect for our cold ceramic tiles. You are the best!!! Merci!!


Lisa (anabundanceoflisa.typepad.com) is making the same socks. I don't know if she's at the heel yet (oops, I typo'd "hell")...


Those are some super awesome socks. My hubby also requested "long legs" on his socks! (Picture on my blog of the recent progress!) I guess they want to feel warm in winter! :) (I perfer shorter socks, but that's just me!)

So - are you ready to meet your baby? :) I can't wait to see pictures of the little one!


Fabulous socks! I wanted to knit a pair of socks for my hubby in time for Valentine's Day, but I've procastinated and now I don't think I can do that in 1 day. Hope you are enjoying your congé de maternite! Looking forward to seeing pics of your French, Korean, American baby!


I am blown away by your knitting talent. seriously, bravo!

I'm big on being barefoot, too, even on the cold kitchen tiles in the winter. Free toes are good.


I love that barefoot feeling, but I must also agree that your socks are great. :)
Do not worry too much about your wonderful chubby baby. You will be fine. Trust the wisdom of your body. You do seem to be very closely monitored in France? I only had one scan and my sage femme (barnmorska) preferred to listen to the baby heartbeats with a wooden instrument on my belly. There are only a few things you can know for sure about delivery: 1. It will be dramatic. 2. You will hold the most beautiful person you can imagine in your arms. 3. You will cry from either pain or happiness - probably both.
Stay in the pool for as long as you wish!


That's a lot of really lovely socks for a barefoot girl! I'm a barefoot-in-slippers gal myself--hate the feeling of walking on bare floors in just socks. But they are fun to knit, aren't they? ;)


Gray/Green socks look great! I want a pair.How do I describe them to the lady i'm going to ask to make them for me... so she knows how to duplicate them.What kind of wool and stitching? etc. Thanks


Love the brown and pink socks. Makes me want to take up knitting. We have Canadian friends who have a sock basket by the front door for friends to don when entering the house. This cuts down enormously on tracking in snow, mud, or leaves depending on the season. I'm with Emma on the three point she makes about delivery. My husband and I both cried great tears of happiness at the birth of our first born, a boy. To hold that baby, and later his sister, in my arms was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Pray baby arrives safely with an easy delivery.

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