Snow Schmow...
Light on my feet

Week 32. An interesting week.

I had my third big sonogram yesterday. The baby looked great.  Profile like his daddy and big pouty lips. During the sonogram, I looked over at my doctor's face to see a hugh smile come across his face. He was impressed because our baby's growth curve was off the charts.  After measuring the circumference of the baby's head, his trunk and the length of his arms and legs, my doctor declared that we were having a gros, beau bébé!!  I looked at my husband and then look at my doctor and asked what that meant exactly. He pulled up the calculations and said that he estimated our baby weighs 3.3 kilos. That's 7.7 lbs. At 32 weeks and 4 days.

There was silence in the room.  A big baby. Oh... my.

We went went back to his office to finish our visit. Thoughts started racing through my head. What if he's too big to come out? Have I eaten too much this last month? How much weight have I gained in the last month?! OH. MY. GOSH. The doctor checks my blood pressure (a-ok) and asks me to hop up on the scale. "One kilo", he exclaims.  I've gained one kilo in the last month. How is that possible?  How did my baby get so big?  We ran through family history and we suspect that it just runs in my family. My siblings were big babies. My dad is 6 feet tall and my brothers are both 6'3" as are Julien's brothers. It must be genetic.

So, what does this all mean? The doctor said that I don't need to monitor what I'm eating and should continue as I have for the past month.  Keep up my walks and just take good care of myself.   In four weeks, I'll go in for an x-ray of my pelvis to see how big it is compared o the size of the baby to see if a vaginal birth will be possible.  If so, at 37 weeks they will induce. If he's too big in four weeks time, then we just wait until my labor starts naturally and I will have a c-section.  Still trying to get my mind around all this 

I could have my baby in 4 weeks! I can't believe it. 

Real quick question, I know some of you who read my blog have had babies in France, how accurate is the weight estimation? Do they do this in the US as well?

So, I've been in a sort of dizzy haze the last day or so, I went to my prenatal class today and discussed this new revelation with the sage femme and she explained the growth curve they use to calculate pre-birth weight.  She felt my stomach and the position of the  baby and smiled as she declared, "Un gros, beau, bébé, ne vous  inquetez pas, vous serez prête".  I sure hope I'm ready for this... :)