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February 09, 2007


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I haven't had a baby, but all my friends who have had babies in the US get estimates of the baby's weight before arrival. They are usually pretty accruate, so I would imagine yours is too.

I know you'll do great, however he is born!


I had my baby in the US. I don't know if you will take this as good news or not!! (hopefully it doesn't scare you). They estimated that my baby was going to be 6 - 6 1/2 pounds. Because of that they let my due date come and go since they were sure it was a small baby. Yeah. She was just short of 9 pounds!! So they were way off. I was able to deliver naturally though. I've been told that big babies are easier to care for and they sleep better. My daughter was perfect so that may well be true.

Good luck!


My OB (in the US) told me that the weight estimates came with a +/- 20% error so she didn't spend too much time worrying about them unless they were way off in either direction. She also said they tend to run high. Unless diabetes is a factor, it's quite rare for a term mom's pelvis to be too small. You're built to make it work.


I've heard that the estimates are not accurate... Who knows?! (Is it like those news casts where they tell you that, at this rate, all of NYC will be under water by 2012? Hmmmm).
You do look look pretty big! Would you be ready in 4 weeks if baby arrives early?


The estimates for my first two were pretty dead-on, big babies both of 'em and c-sections (but not for that reason).
It's completely normal to stress about the "OMG How's he gunna get out" thing. But just remember you are in good hands. And while it might not be the ideal birth plan, c-sections aren't that bad--and your baby won't look all squished afterwards.
As an afterthought, Marc's got this landlandy for some of his fields. She's 1m40, about as big around as a stick and she popped out FOUR babies, all of whom were over 4 kilos.
You're gunna do great!

The Franco Fille



Well, you know in France, they looove to tell that your baby is too big or too small.
Friends of mine who were supposed to have big babies, always gave birth to smaller babies.
Estimation are false at 70%.
We have a pregnancy and a childbirth hyper-medicalized in France...
And by the way, my midwife (a great, great woman, she's really "sage") said that the childbirth of a big baby can be easily the childbirth of a little baby.

laura b

That is a big baby! My daughter was less than that at birth and I went a week past my due date! Good luck!


I agree that weight estimations are basically guesswork. The later the ultrasound, the less likely it is accurate (statistically speaking). It's very common for estimates to be off by 20% or more, which is a lot if you're talking about the difference between 7 and 8lbs.

I wouldn't stress about it- doctors LOVE to scare you with how HUGE your baby is going to be. They like doing this because it enables them to schedule C-sections and inductions. That way they don't have to miss any sleep delivering babies in the middle of the night, or miss their 3pm golf game.

Just for the record, I'm 5 feet, 3 inches tall and fairly petite. My first baby was delivered vaginally & drug free with no complications- he weighed 9lbs at 40 weeks. The U/S I had at 38 weeks gave an estimated weight of 9lbs. So he should have been enormous at 40weeks, but he wasn't....obviously they were wrong. My second son was born at 41.5 weeks, also an uncomplicated vaginal birth (waterbirth at home) and weight 9lbs, 5oz. I didn't tear with either baby and both labors were pretty quick. So fast in fact that neither of my sons had the usual 'conehead' from a vaginal birth. Both of them had lovely little round noggins from the start. LOL

Anyways, don't worry yourself too much over those weight estimates- you'll be FINE. Your body knows what it's doing- trust it! :)


i wouldn't say that 7.7 lbs is that big! i think that should be pretty average and that i would even go as far as 8Lbs and some ozs would be normal... i mean, when i think big baby, i think 9 or 10lbs. but your body is made for that, and i'd say that 7.7 lbs would be easy! :D

one of my friends had a csection because her baby was too big... he was almost 10lbs at birth! i wonder how small is normal to your doctor that you wouldn't be able to vaginally deliver an 8 lb baby!

good luck tho, i bet you have the CUTEST baby ever! :D


i think it's all based in genetics as you say.
my son was "suppose" to be 7.5 lbs as per the ultrasound but actually was a bit over 9 lbs. you never really know. my family has always had bigger babies than the doctor predicted.......none smaller than 8 lbs so if that is the case in both of your families then it is a good chance it will be for you as well. I had a c section here in the US and it was just fine. one word of caution is that if you do have a section make sure that you have gone to the bathroom at least once before you leave the hospital so that they and you are sure all's well.
relax and realize that its going to be great no matter what!


My son weighed 3.8 kilos at birth...he was "un beau bebe" as well at the last sonogram...I don't know what to tell you (because he was born 9 years ago); I guess just listen to the doctors (I would hope they wouldn't induce or do a c-section unless it was absolutely necessary) and trust the sage-femme.

Tu seras prete. :-)


My doctor could NOT tell me the approx weight even. And I totally thought I was having a BIG baby, and then Sean was born at 5 lbs 5 oz, I was shocked!!! (He left the hospital at 4 lbs 14 oz, dropped some again at home, it was scary for me, but apparently normal, and now is back on track - almost 7 and a half lbs - at 6 weeks - which is what your baby is now! Wow!)

I'm not sure what "normal" is....


At my last ultrasound at 34 weeks, the doctor estimated that the baby was 2.1 kilos- we had been worried the entire pregnancy about how small she seemed and so this seemed just par for the course. But when I was induced a month later, the baby was 3.1, just perfect. I had gained a kilo over that period and apparently it all went to her! After the birth, the doctor said we are lucky that we decided to induce early because any bigger and we would have had problems about her being too big. Which I suppose, goes to show that the estimates can be way way off. I tend to think though that it is more the problem of not being able to know how fast the baby is gaining weight. I had horrible sugary cravings in that last month- I ate bags of Haribo candy, something I never touch otherwise and so I really wasn't shocked when Ella turned out to be a little fatty. I think our bodies naturally tend towards making babies the right size.


Like others have said, doctors in France love to say that your pelvis is too small and you can't give birth naturally. My doctor wanted me to have a pelvic scan and I was really resentful about having it taken, but I did it. Of course they found that it's big enough, but even if they hadn't, I would have fought for at least trying a natural birth. Now I have a nice picture of my pelvis and the baby's skeleton.

The doctors in France and in the US definitely prefer C-Sections because it's tidier - they can plan for them and they are predictable. Don't let them scare you into it (at least not before you're in labor).


They estimated my son was 8.5lb at 36 weeks and predicted a huge baby at birth. He was 6lb! I know that pregnancy/birth in all western countries (including Australia where I am)is getting incredibly medicalised but I would personally be concerned about an xray of my pelvis (or any xray) while pregnant. Remeber womens bodies are designed to give birth. I think it is important to retain confidence in your body's ability to birth your baby. I certainly wouldn't want to be induced at 37 weeks for any reason other than a medical emergency: that's pretty early and is a potential 'big' baby reason enough to bring him out before he's ready?
All the best, you'll be fine. Your body knows what to do!
I have been reading your blog for ages, you write beautifully and I think your photos show real talent.


I am glad the baby is healthy and you are doing well. I have heard stories of women getting induced for different reasons and I think I would let nature take it's course. Women are made for this and your body will adjust naturally. A baby comes when ready. One thing you said is that they will xray your pelvis and I would like you to check out how safe that is for the baby. I know for dental work in the US even after childbearing age they put an iron blanket on your chest to have xrays.
How big were you when your were born and did your mom have natural childbirth?

frecklegirl jess

You will be ready... seems like you are doing everything right! Better than an underweight baby, right?


by the way, it's not an x-ray that they take, it's an MRI.

Mary Anne

hi there..
I was at the Perinatologist at 32 weeks as well...Katy measured 5.5 llbs, and 50% on the US growth charts...except her legs which were measuring 10 days farther ahead of the rest of her growth(Tom's girl obviously...not going to be a short Osbourn girl!) My OB/GYN has said that my pelvic bone is flatter than average, so even though I would prefer a vaginal delivery, he said not to be too "set" because we could very well end up a C section as well. I go back next week(36 weeks) to the Peris at the hospital for the U/S and monitoring of my placenta to make sure Katy is doing ok, and if she is big enough and lung dev is good(I think we may have to have an amnio to test that..if so, the docs will decide next week) and if I am at all dialated, Dr B said he would induce at 37 weeks to try for a V delivery. Otherwise, like you, he is waiting for me to go into labor and make a decision based on how labor is going. Long story, now the point...if you are built like Gaga and I are, and have a flatter pelvic bone, that may be why your doc is concerned...if anatomically you are like your mom then you will probably be fine. Just don't risk breaking your pelvic bone...6 weeks flat on your back recovery(a friend had it happen...uhg...much worse recovery than a C).
So, I really sympathaize with you...have been having the same worries here. If I have to have a C, I am sure it will be fine, I just wanted to have a vaginal birth too(but I want DRUGS)
Hugs, and keep me posted...

ps, mom says Cheryl was up and doing well, 8 days post her unplanned C...so perhaps she has set the precedent for us cousins!


With Gab, they never told me predictions for his weight or anything and when he was born 3 weeks early, he weighed 3 kilos.

With Louise, at the last U/S they said that at birth, full term, she would weight 3.8 kilos. When she decided to make her appearance two weeks in advance, she weighted 3.6 kilos, so I am thinking that full term it would have been 4 kilos.

I don't know how accurate these calculations and estimates on weight are. With Gab, my doctor opted to not even to any calculations because she believed them to be so erroneous. But, the good thing to know is that the baby is healthy and should you go into labor now, he would be fine.


Dude. They come out. Don't worry. My friend had a vaginal birth with a 10lb 10 oz baby. Don't worry about it. Just don't spend all your time on your back. You can push a big baby out better squatting, from what I've heard. And from what I've lived, I can definitely say don't spend all of your time on your back when you're pregs. Nor when you're in labour. love to all 3 of you.


First off, congrats on your gros, beau bébé!! ;o)

My doctor said that my baby would be about 3kg at birth and she ended up being 2.7kg. It was close enough.

Even if your baby is a bit big, don't worry! It doesn't necessarily mean that you will have a more difficult birth.

However, make sure you read up on episiotomies and c-sections. I had an episiotomy and almost had to have a c-section. I felt better prepared though since I had read a lot about the procedures.

Keep positive! You're going to see your little guy soon! ;o)


Hi! This is my first visit and I'm a bit late with my comment. I had both of my babies in France. For the first, the third trimester estimate was almost bang on, but my second was much bigger than anticipated. They said 3.6 like her brother and in fact she was 4.36 kilos! (She shot out like a torpedo though!) Enjoy the last few weeks of putting your feet up.

Francaise de Coeur

Both of mine were born in France, and both times the docs were within grams when estimating the weight.


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