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February 27, 2007


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Ha ha ha! That's funny!

The Bold Soul

"I smoke too much weed?"... hysterical!


Too funny.

Knit Bunny Knit

That was great!

Amy M

From personal experience, I completely agree -- Life with a loving husband whose native language is different than yours can be really funny at times.

frog with a blog

Damn, this guy is funny! Frenchmen rock! Yeah!


Keep posting these, I love it! Your french is really good:) I wish I could only learn a little!


Because I am in the midst of revisions for my upcoming version contrôle continu, and because I still remember it from my first year contrôle and feel all smart about it, witty is "spirituel". Which took me a really long time to remember being that it is such an evil lil' faux-ami.




LOL, that is so cute!! We have these mix ups all the time! Love that you have captured it!


I don't have sound on my computer at work, so unfortunately I can't check this out right now -- but I'll be sure to watch and listen to the vids when I get home later on!


That is too funny! I was wondering how long it took you to learn French? Did you live in France for awhile? I just started a French class about five weeks ago, and it is difficult! I told my husband we should just move to France for a few years-then we would learn it for sure. Anyway, just wondering:) BTW, when is your due date?


Aimée, I must have a screw loose, but I can't seem to find your e-mail address on the page -- am I blind or what? Wanted to drop you a line...

(these videos are abso-freaking-lutely hilarious and adorable, BTW!)


That is hilarious! I wish Will would let me put a video of him online... Your French sounds excellent. I am struggling :(


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LOL! Too cute! How can we not love these French men huh?!

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