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March 19, 2007


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Can't wait to hear about your adventures, once the two of you become the three of you!! Bon courage!


I have been following your story- I'm 7 mo. pregnant and am so excited that you made it to the end! It's been wonderful for me to know that other pregnant women go through ups and downs. (I feel success vicariously through you that you've made it!) I'm so excited that you will meet your baby so soon!


Nous penserons bien fort à vous demain!


I've enjoyed following you through the last nine months. It has been fun to see your joy, wonder and amazement as you and Julien have changed and grown. It will be 30 years in April since I gave birth to my first baby and only boy. Feeling him move is something I will never forget. We were so overjoyed when he was delivered we cried great tears of happiness. Congratulations, best wishes and kiss the baby for all of us.


Unbelievable...it's making me so nervous reading about your waiting game. Do good tomorrow! Great adverntures ahead.


I can't wait to see pictures whenever you get them up. I wish I could be there to support you! I love you.


I will be thinking of you tomorrow! Congratulations and good luck to both you and Julien. Rest well afterwards, and we'll all be awaiting pics of the little boy when he arrives.


Good luck to you tomorrow (today?)--I can't wait to meet your baby too via this blog.


You've probably had your son by now! Hope all went well and you are having minimal post-cesarean discomfort. We all know your son will be handsome!


Bon courage, Aimee et Julien! "Le Petit" vous attend! :)


Congratulations! I'm so excited for you. Bringing home a new baby is the best!


good luck amos. we are so excited for you. we're in the same place in our lives...isn't it wonderful?!

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