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March 05, 2007


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The Bold Soul

Drink as much water as you can (given you are probably already running to the bathroom every 10 minutes anyway) to help the edema (swelling) in your ankles.

He is on his way... just a matter of a little time.


Il vient !

Time to start placing bets! I think he will arrive on March 8th...


moo like a cow or howl like a wolf when you have contractions. I swear it helps. Just do it in the lower registers. It's supposed to open up your cervix faster.


In the beginning 40 weeks sounds like forever. Then it's here and you feel like everything is happening too fast. Good luck!


and big kisses to you guys.

and don't lay on your back if you don't want to. I found it hurt WAAAAAAAY worse. I was on my knees for my whole labor and pushed on my side.


I had a friend who had rippling waves of contractions all the way around her huge belly, and we thought that meant she was going to give birth *that day*. No, it was 2 freaking weeks later. *sigh* Hang in there!!


^^ whoa! Maybe that will be me?


Your ankles don't look soo bad:) trust me, you would have cried if you looked down and saw my ankles, it was the same size from my ankle to my calf...very very ugly:) your feet still look cute, just a little pudgy:)


Oh, hang in there, Flare! I'm thinking of you over here... And wishing you the very best in this time leading up to your delivery. I knew this would be a busy time, so I hope we will have a chance to maybe get together in Paris in a few months, after your little baby boy has arrived and you have all settled in at home together...

Would love to have the chance to meet you then! Take good care of yourself.


oh wow, how exciting!


Push 'em out!
Shove 'em out!
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay OUT!

Has time almost stopped yet? Never fear, once he's here it'll fly by.

La Rêveuse

AHHHHHH!!!! I am so excited for you!!! AAAHHHH!!!!

OK, now back to reality.

This pose: http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/690_1.cfm
can be very helpful for reducing swelling in your ankles. I learned it from my prenatal yoga teacher. Plus, it feels good. :)

Keep us informed! Can't wait!


Ahhh, good luck-can't wait to see the sweet bebe!:)


oh aimee... i am excited for you and julien...


I lost my ankles too - but really earlier on than the point you're at now! I totally remember - and really - they come back SO fast after giving birth. Epidurals prolong it a little bit tho. Well it did in my case!

I can't wait to meet "online" your little one!


I'm feeling a toss-up between March 7, 9, and 12. Try aromatherapy, lavender or sandlewood, to help you feel relaxed. Fresh lemon slices in room-temp water will help too. Félicitations, Aimee et Julien! :)


I will say March 11. Do they check for dialation there before you go to the hospital?


Wow - it's almost that time! Let the countdown begin!!


Aaaaack! I'm so excited for you!!! It's funny that you wrote about your ankles, because I mentioned it yesterday in an e-mail to friends. One minute they were there, the next they weren't. Good luck good luck good luck good luck....


Golly this brings back memories. My face swelled up. It was such a shock one morning to look in the mirror and see a perfectly round face looking back at me.

The last couple of weeks are the longest and then up! Your baby is six months old!


Ohhh the anticipation is building. We can't wait to meet baby boy. Good thing I got some quality time with his hand-knit on the airplane yesterday...


aimee! for me, strong menstrual cramps always meant it was the real deal. you can have loads of braxtons prepping for the real deal prior. good luck, girl!!


So exciting!


I won't say anything for the day of birth, but just "encourage" you !
Just FYI, Missty gave birth to little Yuna last Saturday 3 March @ 4:34 AM, 45 cms and 2.6 kg ! You can see some pics on my flickr here, and i'm sure she will post more later from home :) http://flickr.com/photos/pounet/sets/72157594572307080/


I just know that's coming for me too. I just tried to put on a pair of tall boots the other day and they wouldn't go over my calves...ugggh! Good thing summer is around the corner and we can wear flip flops again and won't have to worry about shoes not fitting anymore...let alone the rest of our clothing.

I love reading your blog of your pregnancy...gives me things to look forward to.

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