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March 11, 2007


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I am so excited for you! I cried reading your post. You are making the best decision. I just wish that I could come up there and help you afterwards in your recovery.

Can wait to see your beau bébé. You will be an incredible momma and your mom would be proud!


You sound like you are ready for this baby to come!

I don't think there is any way to fully prepare yourself mentally, or emotionally for the process. Even if it is a c-section. Just try and stay positive. If you get scared, just think of the moment when you will hold and see your baby for the first time. It will be the most amazing moment of your life!

The Bold Soul

From friends who have had c-sections, I don't think they had any trouble breastfeeding afterward. Try not to worry about that, and focus on positive thoughts about your experience. I believe we get what we focus our energy on, so envision yourself coping beautifully no matter what. I think you're totally ready, as ready as a first-time mommy can be. What you don't know, you'll ask someone or figure out as you go along.

Counting down with you...


Aimee, I love the way you have expressed your feelings about the countdown. I believe knowing that you are doing the right thing for the safest birth of your son will help you overcome the sadness of not delivering him as nature intended. I can see that you have a wonderful husband, and you both have a precious child waiting to meet his parents. This is such a wondrous gift.

In my own little way, I have given birth to my dreams via my blog which I created nine months ago: NYC Montparnasse. Check out the URL I have attached to my comment. :)


Woo hoo! The countdown is on! I've always wondered whether the first few days with a baby feel like having jet-lag? When you're exhausted but excited? You'll have to let me know :)


You will do great Aimee. Your son will do great. Don't stress about the breastfeeding, caring for a baby, etc. You have your Mom watching over you!


one of my friends had to have a c-section for the same reason you are... and she worried about feeling bad/cheated about not being able to give birth vaginally... but like i told her... of course, back in the olden days, a woman in your case wouldnt have an option of csection and would have to give birth vaginally... however you have to think of the mother/infant mortality rates back then too. so dont feel bad!!! and her milk came in a few days after her csection and has been breastfeeding ever since... she just used something called a "foley cup" to feed him until all her milk came in. so you do have options!!! good luck!!!


everything IS going to be alright.


Aimee, I've had babies both ways, and I can tell you that the thrill of having a healthy baby really negates any discomfort or pain, surgical or not. I'm so thrilled for you and have enjoyed following you through your pregnancy. Your little one is such a fortunate baby to have all these wonderful pictures and stories from his Mama.
Oh, and don't worry about the breastfeeding after the section. :) It isn't necessarily more difficult- my son delivered by c-section was my best nurser- but you'll have all sorts of resources to help you through.
Thinking of you this week-


Hi Aimee,
I think you have the most amazing attitude to this whole experience. Last night on Grey's Anatomy there was a story line of a mother who wouldn't deviate from her birth plan and nearly killed herself and the baby in the process. Ooops, sorry but I can almost always find parallels between a tv show and real life :) But seriously - a birth plan is a plan......not set in stone. Haven't we all had plans that never come to fruition?

At the end of the day all that anyone would want for you is good health - for all three of you. You are nurturing yourself and your relationship with your husband now, and your decision re: birth is going to give your son the best entry into the world he could have. Don't think about the why's and what if's, because there is nothing you can do about those, just be focused on holding that little one in your arms and meeting him.

All the best for the next nine days!!!


Aimee, you are a strong woman and I know you'll be a wonderful mother. =) You have many exciting and amazing days ahead.

carrie m

oh, what a wonderful post. you are making the best decision for you and your little one. i can't wait to hear about every last detail.


Everything will be fine. You're always welcome to call me if you need to cry or whine or brag or whatever. Hugs to you guys. Remember the football hold is supposed to be helpful for nursing after a cesarian and my favorite was always nursing while laying on my side. If I didn't do that, I never would have slept.


I just love reading any new posts you put up, they are written so beautifully! This is an exciting time in your life and I'm just as excited for you as if I've known you for years!


You sound like Super Mom--rational, READY, and oh-so-zen. This is going to be a piece of cake for you.

If I might offer a bit of advice, having had two c-sections in this wonderful country: Don't let them molly-coddle you too much. Some hospitals will be more than happy to let you lie there hooked up to your IV and your cathertar for a week after the c-section. Don't let this happen. With Monkey I was up the next day and with Monkey 2 I was walking that night. My recovery was short--by the time I was ready do go home (10 days and 1 week later in each case) there was nothing I couldn't physically do--within reason, of course. Don't kill yourself, but don't let them keep you from healing either.
I'm so excited for you!!!!

andre veloux

Get ready for the rollercoaster of emotion. It will be worth it.

Will you still have time to keep up this journal?

And good luck!


max and i are mobile these days (with a little motivation and lots of effort) so we'll be ready to visit and keep you company when you're ready to have us :)


What do you mean you won't be able to go out to dinner for a very, very long time- of course you will! Babies are very transportable, and live it up with only having one under the age of one because with two, I would say that's the more impossibe feat. With both Gab and Louise and the return home, I really felt that it would have been so easy to let myself go, to fall into depression, to not leave the house for months with the lack of sleep and housework piling up, but I wouldn't let myself get like that and we were taking our first trip as a family just 3 days after Gab was born. With Louise, I got in the car and drove Gab to the crèche the day after I got home from the hospital. Having a baby doesn't mean life has to be put on hold. Just take your time to get use to having the little guy around and you'll see that it will come into place.

And don't worry about the breastfeeding. If I could have had one piece of advice with Gab, it would have been 'It's okay to not go on breastfeeding if it's ruining the time you are supposed to appreciate with your baby' Instead so many people, including a doctor, told me how bad I was for stopping that I had these huge psychological complexes and felt so guilty that my postpartum period was less than joyful. With Louise, I basically had the attitude of ignoring anyone who was to give me grief about 'not doing what's best for the baby'. What's best for the baby is what is best for you to function psychologically and as a family.


Listen to the Bold Soul. Stay positive and don't read too much: you might end up scaring yourself with all the conflicting information you can get when you google.

Women have been giving birth for milennia: You can do this.

Don't beat yourself up over whether having your baby by Csection is "natural" or not.

Knowing the sex of the baby is not "natural" and complications (sometimes mortal) usually occur during "natural" births.

We live in an era (in the West) where death by childbirth is relatively rare. Bless the fact that you live in that era. We are exceedingly lucky.


ooh, you're so close. I think it must be nice knowing when you're going to have your baby. Don't worry about the breastfeeding. I worried a lot about it for my first baby and I had a tough time. This time, I didn't worry at all and there's absolutely no problem and I think my baby is much more relaxed because I am. You shouldn't need anything for breastfeeding even with a c-section. My first baby nursed for the whole 2 hours in the recovery room and my second one nursed only for 10 minutes. In both cases, my milk came in on the 3rd day and I had plenty of milk.

I recommend bringing a nursing pillow with you to the hospital. It's terribly useful for putting the baby on. When you're recovering from a c-section, you can't easily get up to get your baby and it's a pain in the butt to call the nurse each time you need to take the baby in your arms. With the nursing pillow, you put up the bed rail, hang a towel or blanket over it, and set the pillow on the ends of the towel. This way, you keep baby within easy reach and you protect him from sliding off.

With both of my c-sections, I was up and walking within 36 hours and nursing while lying on my side by day 2. I think this is by far the best way to nurse for both you and your baby. When the baby is a little older, you become an all-you-can-eat, self-serve buffet and you don't even have to wake up!

I hope you post your birth story. Take a laptop to the hospital - you will have lots of time to write about it in detail (that's what I did).


Such challenges are what make us who we are - losing your mum, having a baby - these are all just part of the big cycle of life. You'll be fine : just think, millions of people all over the world have done this since time began, and you're just another part of the amazing thing that is our universe :) You guys will do what is right for YOU, and that will be just fine. Good luck! Sylvain and I are thinking of you all.

Mary Anne

Hugs... I wish I could come and be there...but know I will be there, praying for you...hugs my cousin...and yes...everything will be fine...yes, it will.

Mary Anne


At the end of the day, you have to do what is right for you and your baby--not what others think you should do.


How exciting -- he'll be here so soon! I get so emotional thinking about you meeting him for the first time. Oh, gosh. I'm still so excited and a little nervous about my own...especially thinking about when my husband will go back to work. Apparently there are midwives available for home visits if we need them, though...do you know anything about that? I've got to find out more details, but it makes me feel a little better knowing there at least is one possibility of some backup. I hope the last few days go wonderfully, and I'm sending you some good luck belly rubs your way. :)


Oooooh! I'm so excited for you. Best of luck for when the big day arrives.

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