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March 14, 2007


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Jenny Rebecca

That was just beautiful. :o)


Oh my! Reading your post, it's reminded me of many feelings I had in my last few days before our daughter arrived, feelings that I've already forgotten about. You will do great! Lots will change once the little guy arrives, but you will see, everything will fall into place the way it should.

frecklegirl jess

such a sweet post!


I know you have had plenty of people provide you with well wishes about the upcoming birth of your baby, but here is one more....
I truly hope you enjoy every single second of what is and will happen to you and your husband as you bring this wonderful life into the world. You guys are extremely lucky-in many many ways. Bless you.


that was a lovely post there, aimee. awwww. :)

and oh my gosh, the arrival of baby flare is less than a week away! sooooo exciting! eeek!!

frog with a blog

Dearest, I'm so excited, I can barely wait to hear that the baby has arrived... But don't forget that you and Julien have one more mission before the birth...
PS: Your feet are gorgeous.

Mary Anne

Katy is excitedly waiting...
and amazingly, it is better when you can cuddle them...
Mary Anne


And before you know it? You'll have a 5 year old. I can't believe my baby will be 5 on the 20th.


you know what? this has probably been the longest week I had in years too!


Sweet memories... and now my son will be 8 in 2 weeks...


Six more days must seem like forever right now, but I promise that you will forget about any discomforts as soon as you lay your eyes on your little baby.

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