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March 14, 2007


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Have you seen Je vous trouve tres beau? I saw it on the plane once, and I still needed titles (though I think you wouldn't) and I thought it was really cute.

I heard the Disney movie Cars was really cute, but I haven't seen it yet. Also, I saw The Departed on the plane coming back this time, and it was awesome, if you like a good shoot-em-up.


Not sure if it's the same for everyone, but I was into chick flicks after giving birth. I had major post-partum brain, combined with baby blues, so the only movies I wanted to watch were feel-good movies. So I suggest comedies.


since Charlotte was born, I can't stand watching anything violent or especially where children are in danger or sad. Get fluffy stuff. You'll be stressed enough without stressful movies. And love to you guys. xoxoxoxooxoxoxox. I'm SO EXCITED for you!


Little miss sunshine is really good. I have watched so many, but am at a blank:(


I heart Huckabees
The Holiday
Mean girls (really funny)


Well since it'll take you three days to get thru 20 minutes of TV time, I think you have a pretty good list going there.

Hope you are still feeling good!


Aimee, tear up the list. You aren't going to have time for anything but taking care of the baby and trying to catch up on sleep. If you are lucky you might get a bath in and fix a quick bite to eat but watch a 2 hour movie, I don't see it happening.


1. Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont

2. Duma

3. The Matchmaker

4. 13 going on 30


Get every Katherine Hepburn/Cary Grant comedy you can. I love these. Bringing up Baby (not what you think), Holiday, The Philadelphia Story, and Sylvia Scarlet (not the best for her but Cary is great in this).


Oh my God "Pan's Labyrinth" is good but to be avoided if you are like Kate and can't handle violent movies or anything where children are in danger.

Otherwise, want me to lend you my very pathetic DVD collection? It's got "The Sound of Music" so you KNOW you want it.


Howard's End
A Room with a View


i don't know what the young kids are watching these days. can't remember the last time i was at a movie theater. . .

i love older films. have you seen Billy Wilder classics like "Sunset Boulevard" and "Double Indemnity"? Those two are probably my all time favorites.


I agree with the posters above- when my friends had babies, they barely had time to eat and have a shower let alone watch movies- from what i saw, when the baby is sleeping you're going to be so exhausted that you'll need to be sleeping, and any extra time you'll probably want to grab something to eat and get all the housework done, and prepare things for when the cutie wakes up!!
xx good luck!!


We have walked, danced and stumbled for miles and miles with our little ones. They get restless, bored and scream for comfort. The only thing really helping (for us) is putting on some good music, holding on to your baby and start swaying. So here is a list of music to lift your spirits:
Berlin - The Gulag Orkestrar (my heart expands while listening to his voice)
Jack Johnson - Singalongs & Lullabys (happy simle songs)
Feist (good help for tired feet)
I could expand the list, or make you a cd...


It's certainly easier to watch a film than take a shower with a newborn around. But trying to watch a film while pacing around and bouncing a screaming baby isn't much fun. I also felt too guilty trying to watch tv while nursing - I could never do it although I did get through the 5th Harry Potter book while nursing.

I don't know what films you've watched, but I really like:
House of Cards
The Spanish Prisoner

I don't know what's recent though. I haven't gone to the cinema since before my first was born.

The Bold Soul

Did I loan you a movie? I can't remember now, or what it might be but it wasn't one of those on your list so add that if you haven't already watched whatever it was!


Pan's Labyrinth is really good, but as a new mom, you should probably avoid it. Like Lee said, it's got kids in danger, and there's also this one scene that's really disturbing even when you don't have kids. I would totally recommend it a few years from now, though.

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