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I can't believe it...

The wait game

No baby yet. Still waiting...

I woke up this morning with a very, very heavy feeling in my belly. A little achy. Lots of baby movement.  Something is definitely going on...  Maybe he's going to make his appearance this week? I'm at 37 weeks. Full term, so they say.  If he came this week it would make for a very busy week for us. Julien starts a new job on Tuesday which is also our 5 year wedding anniversary (!) and Wednesday is Julien's 31st birthday.  When asked if it would be cool to share a birthday with his son, my husband responds, "Mais non, I don't want anyone to forget about me!!"  I can understand how a the birth of a baby could outshine one's birthday.  So, maybe the day after then? He was okay with that.  But I have a feeling the little guy will hang on another week or so.  He's just making his way down and it's really amazing to feel my body do what it is made to do. 

Thursday, I have an appointment with the doctor to check on how big the baby has grown and to see if he'll pass through my pelvis.  I'm not worried about what we'll find out.  All I know is when the time comes I'll be ready to do what it takes to get our little guy here. The crib is set up, laundry is done, I've started another baby sweater because I just felt like he needed another one. The kitchen sink is pristine clean. The floors have been vacuumed. Suitcase is packed. Just working on making the faire-part de naissance or birth announcements and quietly playing the wait game.

(looks at clock: 1:46am)

Now if I could sleep... that would be really good.