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March 05, 2007


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frog with a blog

I know I'm still awake too! Do you think you can move for a quick lunch with Bold Soul this week or is it too risky? I was thinking of Tuesday. What d'ya think?


My cousin had her baby daughter on they day of her birthday and was very angry about it. I say what better way to celebrate a birthday then with a healthy new addition to a family. Hope you have your beautiful baby boy this week.
(found you through Vivi)


Sooooo exciting...


Our second son was born on my husband's birthday and hubby could not have been prouder!! He was thrilled! He said what greater gift and honor was there than to have your child born on your birthday. :-)


I'm getting very excited about it too!

I thought your two or three day silence meant that it was all happening and I've been biting my nails waiting for the big news!


Ditto Antipo. There should be a law--you gotta post something even if it's just an "I'm STILL here..."

I'm so excited for you!!! You'll be so amazed and how much brighter that little guy is going to make even the most mudane things. Babies are great for that.

What a lot you've got going on! Don't forget to take time out for you--especially for rest. Most especially for rest.

La Rêveuse

I'd say that the day after his birthday would be better--then Julien and he can celebrate with a sort of extended shared birthday thing! The bigger the party, the better. :) I personally celebrate my birthday week, so this could be fodder for great fun.

Can't wait to hear the good news, and looking forward to you feeling more comfortable again. Plus, we need to know what size to buy him when he's born--I hope he's not 2T as a newborn! (just kidding)

Thinking of you! Hugs!!!


I'm delurking to wish you all the best in the last stretch--and congratulations. I really enjoy reading your blog.


omg omg omg, its going to be soooo soon!! sending you lots of postive enegry and big hugs!!!



Wow! It feels like just yesterday you were announcing you were preggers. Congrats!


1:36 AM--get used to it.
Please update as soon as you can--I will be thinking of you this week. Your head is in the right place, your body is doing what it is supposed to do--now you just have to wait for the action to start.


Yay! Sounds like you're ready -- I'm excited for you. Good luck with the sleep!


i am thinking of you and wishing you an easy labor! can't wait to meet the little one! eeeeee!


I too thought that the silence was because little guy had arrived!!... Now we'll keep waiting patiently to hear about developments.

Sending you good vibes -- and lots of relaxing thoughts!

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