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March 09, 2007


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hellloooo, mama! can't wait til he gets here.


Wow! That's insane! 11 days, mama!


PS Sorry about all the exclamation points. I'm excited!


Don't you think there is still that chance that you will go into labor before the 20th? It could very well happen.


Your belly is truly wonderful! A cesarean is a big operation and the recovery can be tougher, but you are in good hands and will get all the support you will possibly need. You already have what it takes to become a fantastic mama. I find that patience and faith in your body can take you a long way. You are most welcome to contact me if you should have any questions about the operation, recovery nursing or whatever. I will be sending many good luck thoughts your way. :)


Take good care! You two are making the best decisions - you know best. By the way, the date is great - first day of spring in the US (generally) and makes for a great person. How do I know? Ah, it's the same day my big rascal was born:)


OMG! He's a big baby... Wow. I think your decision for the ceasarean is pretty good.

And just think: No nether region stitches! AWESOMENESS x 1000...

Trust me on that one...


That picture gives a lot to the imagination...you can almost picture his spine along you the front and his little head curled up at the bottom of your belly. March 20!! 10lbs!!! Good thing I made his gift in size 1 year! Can't wait to meet the little guy...


Oh, your belly is awesome. It sounds like you've made a great decision, and I know you will handle it wonderfully! Can't wait to see pics of the big guy!


Wow! What an impressive weight. Now at least you have 10 days to knit a larger size sweater or two for the baby.

Mary Anne

Well, I think that a C is a good choice. Katy had some pretty major trauma from the forceps at our delievery, and still dealing with the Jaundice because of the bruising from delivery...and yeah, those stiches and the rest...uhg....you will be great, the recovery is longer...but Cheryl is doing great, and recovered quickly...you will too!
Yahoo....soon Katy will have a new cousin...almost 2xs her size! (she weighed in at 6lls 8oz today!)
Hugs...you will be great!

Mary Anne

(and no exhausting pushing...uhg....yahoo!)


It really sounds like the C-section is the way to go. And my understanding is that it's just so much safer than vaginal birth with a baby of that size. I can't even imagine how excited you must be.


Aimee, indeed, the C-section is the best choice. You have such great support! Enjoy getting ready for the little guy's arrival. I have good news to share! My first article on Bonjour Paris: Cafe Writing in Montparnasse and Odéon. Check out the URL! :)


What a beautiful belly....



My third child was a 10-lb. boy. Delivered vaginally. No wonder my legs hurt. No wonder EVERYTHING hurt. But the joy is immeasurable. He's now 10 and is the apple of my eye. You will LOVE it (after the initial shell shock of the "OMG I'm a mother and here he is, pooping -- and why doesn't he stop crying"). There is nothing like the sweet smell of a newborn baby. Very cool.


Marc's exact words (from across the room even) were, "Vache, elle laisse pouser le bidon!".

Welcome to the c-section club. Piece of cake, that. Just remember that the epidural can make you feel a bit freaky, but that passes really fast, and afterwards, you get this really gorgeous pudgy little monkey to play with. And the only painful pain you feel is when they put your IV in. Woohoo!


I agree with everyone on your decision for a c-section. It's probably best!

I love your belly shot and I'm jealous of your lack of stretch marks. 10 weeks post pardum and I still have nasty purple lines ALL over my belly!


My girly was born on March 20th! Great day for a baby!

d andrews

Please I urge you to go to some sites and research before submitting to a non-medical primary cesarean. A suspected big baby (ultrasounds are often off by 1 plus pounds) is not an evidenced based reason to have a cesarean. www.childbirthconnection.org, www.lamaze.org (see care practices), www.hencigoer.com, www.thefarm.org - Cesarean is not the way to escape the fear of labor pain it comes after. There are also more long term issues for baby and mom.


That is a big baby, and I support what your doc says about the C section. Don't let anybody talk you out of it. Even if the doctor is off a kilo, that is still a big baby. Get the drugs, think positively about your labor, and then have a girl next time... Logan needs a wife.

Your recovery time will be a bit longer, and J will have to lift the baby up to you to feed.

We can't wait!!!!


Oh my gosh! Take care, and thank goodness for good doctors and a supportive husband.


You made a great decision! Following your doctor's advice is hardly the same as fear of pain. I wish you and your baby the very best!


oh my...how cool is that...you're gonna have a baby next week...ahhhh! I can't wait to see who this little 10 pounder is!


OMG Aimee, almost the BIG DAY!!!!!!!I can hardly WAIT to see pics of my new "little" cousin. We are waiting anxiously here for news. Your beloved omma is smiling down on you from heaven, I am sure she is as excited about Max as we all are!!!! Love to you and proud papa Julien. Joyce

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