49 inches of baby!

Week 37, An Impressive Week.

Week 37, an impressive week., originally uploaded by PutYourFlareOn.

Versus 30 weeks.... check out the difference!!

What a week it's been so far...

The contractions I was experiencing earlier this week have disappeared only making themselves known if I've started walking too fast or have been on my feet too long.  My feet are still unrecognizable. We had an appointment with the doctor on Thursday to find out how big the baby has grown since our last visit over a month ago.  If you remember, he was weighing in around 3.3 kilos (7.2 lbs) already. Well, you won't believe it but now he's weighing between 4.4 kilos (9.7 lbs) and 4.6 kilos (10.1 lbs) and I've only gained 1.5 kilos this last month. The baby took all that weight. 

I was in shock. Good thing I was laying down because I might have passed out. Julien grabbed my hand and smiled. The doctor did three different measurements to make sure of the results.  He says that these measurements are nearly spot on with a margin of + or - 10%. Either way, he's a huge baby.

We discussed the options.  If I try to attempt to birth the baby naturally, it will be very, very hard for me. Being this is my first baby and considering the size of the baby, it would be very painful and could cause long term injury to my body. Then he explained what could happen to a baby of this size trying to pass through a birth canal that's never birthed a baby before.  Nerve damage from manipulating the baby's head, possible shoulder displacia or the possibility of breaking his clavicle bone so that he'll be able to pass through my pelvis.  I didn't need to hear anymore, I knew the cesarean was the way to go. There will be little to no stress on the baby and I'm willing to do what it takes to get our little big guy here.  I am nervous to have this operation.  I've never been operated on before. But I trust my doctor and have the support of Julien. I can do this. 

So, we scheduled a date.  March 20th.  Spring equinox. The baby will be a Pisces, like his daddy.

It's surreal to know the date your baby is coming.  The feeling of anxiousness I felt the morning before our doctor's visit has disappeared.  I feel like I can leave my apt and not fear going into labor on the bus or the metro.  The frenzy of preparing everything for his arrival has been taken down a notch because I know this weekend I'll have time to go to Ikea and where ever else to get the last minute things we need for his arrival.  The only slightly annoying this is when I want to go outside of the apt, I only have one pair of shoes that fit me right now and it's just a little too cold to wear them right now.  ha.

In one week and half, I'll be a mom. So, unreal!

Looks like we're going to have to do some shopping for clothes, most of what we have is for 0 years old. A while ago I knit a cute little baby sweater for him to wear home from the maternité, I doubt it will even fit him now! We'll see very soon...