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April 13, 2007


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You go girl!


PS Glad to see you're listening to U2 -- they give me great energy!


Oh terrible mastitis. I went through a brief moment with that too. For me, my relief was to massge my breasts daily, and would collect the milk in a bottle while doing so. I also pumped but still kept getting blocked milk ducts. So I found that massaging every once in awhile was very effective, and kept the fever and chills away.

Yes, unfortunately there will always be little bumps and hills that interrupt the nicely established routines, but we mothers are tough, we learn, and keep going.

Glad to hear that's you're better now. Take care!


What an adventure! Glad to see you've got everything figured out.

Mary Anne

Glad things are better and you are getting great care from the docs. Ahh, going with the flow is easier said than done, Omma! But, you are going to make it!

Mary Anne and Katy sending hugs to Aimee and Max!

The Bold Soul

That SOS Medecin sounds great - I've got their number here in case I ever need help since I don't have a regular MD here yet.

Proof that Max is already a "real" man; he farts and then acts all innocent about it. What a cutie!

I'm emailing you a longer response to your last few posts as I'm still up coping with JET LAG. Hope to see you soon!


Sorry to hear that you are not feeling good! Mastitis sucks I have heard. I have done with 1 plugged duct, and the best (I got the tip from a mom's group here) is to have baby nurse so that his chin is pressing on the plugged duct. Helpful tip to have on hand...

Having a pump is awsome! I find that it makes things way easier and you can sleep through a feeding every so often :-)


Oh, how horrible to be so sick with a little one. I hope you are well soon. I used to get plugged ducts, not quite mastitis, but uncomfortable the same. I found that taking some Lecithin made it stop. My doctor says it has something to do with the viscosity of the milk. I wonder if you have a mom's group near you or at the hospital where your son was born. I loved mine for all of the tips I didn't know. Keep working on that sleep!


Sorry to hear about Mastitis. Sounds painful!!!

Get well soon.

Nina x
p.s Massage those tits regularly:-)
p.p.s 'try' to rest when Max sleeps, I never did when Milla slept and I lost all my weight too quickly as a result


Mastitis is no fun! Keep those boobs warm and drink lots of water. Hope it will pass soon.

frog with a blog

Mastitis, that sounds ilke a drink you have in the summer. Oh, wait, I must be thinking of pastis...
When you recover from that nasty mastitis, I'll bring some pastis to you then.
Hoping that boobie of yours will get better soon, my dear.
PS: Let me know when you are ready for a lunch out at Pho 14, ok?


Hope you are feeling better! Breastfeeding is definitely harder than I had hoped, but I think it's worth the effort, too. Hang in there (I'm trying right along with you) and enjoy those baby farts!


Oh, I feel for you. Mastitis just sucks -- I've been there, but it sounds like you've got the right kind of support and medicine, so I hope it passes soon.

Hang in there! I found that breastfeeding was pretty tricky at first, but after a couple of months things got into a routine and I didn't have any more issues. I hope the same for you!


aww hon... i know it's so hard! been there- it sucks.

try a cabbage leaf to reduce swelling and take away some of the pain. it really does work! google it....

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