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April 20, 2007


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i love that photo!!! it's a long, difficult ride, but so worth it.


oh, this entry made me so happy!


beautiful post Aimee!


You are SOOOOOOOO courageous to post a belly shot 1 month post baby! I am too ashamed of all my stretch marks & belly flab to do that!

You guys are looking great! Have a good weekend!


Your post made me cry! And laugh a little (the peeing bit)! :)


Hurray for chub on the belly. You are very brave to show everyone, and wonderful to share since that is what a post pard belly should look like!

Beautiful post! Big hugs!


It is amazing isn't it that you can love so much. We use the word love so frivolously. For instance, I love rain and BBQ potato chips but it is not the same love as I have for my kids and grandkids.

Mary Anne

Happy Birthday MAX!

Hugs from NE

Katy and her mom


So sweet! Happy One Month to both of you!


Your post is so sweet and I identify with it. I love his expression and his cheeks. So, Supertramp works for Max?


bless you 3, thats what itsa all about chica. you are doing soo welll.Have faith, even when it gets too overwhelming...you are are good mom.


What beautiful, honest, incredible photos -- as always Aimée! Your little Max is so incredibly adorable. And all that you share with us here is so touching. You are already such a great mom!


Lovely post! Even with the tough talk. It IS tough.

I have been thinking... since I have two kids and have delivered one 'naturally' and one with a c-section. Could it be that the womb has to mourn it's sudden loss and thus makes the beginning a bit harder? It just adds to the confusion somehow, it sure did for me. What you see and what you feel is overwhelming joy, but what your womb might feel is a frightful reaction to the incision? Just thinking...


c'est très beau et plein de sincérité mon Amour. Je suis avec toi sur le chemin du bonheur. Yours


Wow. Just wow. This is such a beautiful and touching post. And funny too, with the peeing part


Am I the only one who is crying into my laptop because this was the sweetest post I've ever read? You'll be a fantastic mother -- you already are. Sleep will come soon. "Sleep when the baby sleeps" I was told. Works until baby #2..


just amazing.

when you're a kid you assume you'll know what to do when you have a baby. when you get a little older you make a big show out of not wanting one. and then as you get nearer and nearer to actually having one, you begin to doubt your childhood self-confidence...

and thanks to you, aimee, I feel as confident now as I did when I was little.

--except I'm firmly on birth control until I can be sure the guy is as ready as I am!!

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