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April 15, 2007


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The face he makes when he sees the target is the exact same face he makes when he's about to get some boob. It's hilarious!


Very cute video!

La Rêveuse

Where did you get those sheets? Those are great! Love the boob look. Hilarious. He has changed so much!!


What a darling baby boy! And I had to do a double take--Paris baby wearing a Jay Hawk? Very international. (I'm a Mizzou grad, myself.)


That so cool, the video. He is such an alert fella! Hmm, a sportsman in the making?


Too cute! Louise looks at me the exact same way when I bring the bottle to her. Those kids know what's good for them!

Max has changed so much, even within a week. Can't wait to hang out with you all soon.


Awwwww.... he's such an adorable leetle guy! So much fun to watch this video, he's so alert and responsive. What a treasure...


WOW his responses are fantastic! Playtime with babies is particularly important - I have a degree in education that spans from birth to age 12. Some people think babies can't "play" but things like the pictures, showing textures of different things ("feel how soft your teddy is") and just speaking in general to your child is absolutely essential to overall development. Bravo Aimee - you've just shown on your video that babies can and do enjoy their playtime! :)

Mary Anne

Rock Chalk...Jayhawk!

Good work Max...full ride to KU in your future!

Mary Anne


That is so cute I can hardly stand it.

Glad those graphics work...I got our boy one of the Manhattan Toys mobiles with similar images...supposed to be wonderful!


hes so cute!
i fell so good watching this


This was so cute to watch! Thanks for posting it. He's so adorable. I admire what an amazing job you're doing.


Aimee, Julien... ce video est si adorable!!! Max est si mignon!! :)

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