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May 12, 2007


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Whoa.. the audio is a bit off.

harold johnson (jaime's dad)

just discovered your weblog...what a great looking family you are! give my best to julien, and max is beautiful {he looks like his mother). happy mother's day (tomorrow in the u.s., is it worldwide?) be seeing you, hj


LOL!! 12 years later, I'm still up to an 8-1/2 from my pre-pregnancy size 8. I guess it's permanent.


well at least Julien understands that you will need new shoes now!


A great excuse to go shoe shopping, yay!

I had also grown a half size in shoe size during my pregnancy, but about 6 months post partum, my feet shrunk back! Who knows, could happen to you too.


Jiwon- I hope that's true because I still have a few pairs of shoes that I just can't let go of because I love them so much. I gave my sister shoes that I'll probably never wear again like heels. Converse and flip flops are for me now... :)

The Bold Soul

Well doesn't THAT just suck. We hate having to part with our shoes!!! You have my sympathies. Your sister is adorable; and at least your shoes are going to someone you know and love.

And now you have an excuse to go out and buy lots of NEW shoes, so that's some consolation.

La Rêveuse

As long as the shoes don't cost three hundred f***ing dollars! :) Though many missed it, I caught it, and I am so proud of Julien for remembering!

I fear for the same--currently, it's Chucks and flip flops (and those only occasionally, as my feet hurt without enough support. OK, they just hurt.) The chucks are laced WAY wide (and that's not normal for me, as you know!) AND I have the added bonus of one foot getting longer and the other one not. Same thing happened to my mom. She had to buy 2 sizes for a while.

Sigh. What we do for our children.

Love your new profile photo. You two are so cute. :D


I had to go look at you flickr pics to see which sister that was--I can't believe how much she has changed. They are great pics by the way. Please tell her hello and have fun shopping.


Yah, my feet got bigger after I had kiddos...hello, 40!


hmmm... i've literally only worn my uggs and open toe sandal types since my-max was born. i better check my shoes....


add on: i actually on wore my uggs from last november on, so i don't even remember what real shoes feel like...


Oh my God, I am PRAYING this does not happen to me. I am already a size 11 -- it's impossible to find shoes in France as it is!!!


Happy Mother's Day!

the fabulous adventures of sarah

Happy Mothers Day!

I love to read your blogs and watch the videos of your amazing life in France.

-Sarah in Maine


ME TOO! I officially a size 40 now, I bought some cute new ones, I'll show you when I see you next Tuesday!!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

frog with a blog

You know what they say about people with large feet, don't you?

Mary Anne

Ahhhhh, shoes...but at least they are staying in the family...hope you guys are having fun! Wish Katy and I were there with you!



What a great hubby! Wow!

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