Happy Birthday, MamaFlare.
The follies of a growing baby

Deux mois

Dear Maximilien,

You turned two months old yesterday.

I'm squeaky clean!

The same day your mama turned 30.  We spent the day as a family at home under the blanket cuddling and being in love.  It's been a pretty interesting month, you've figured out that you can suck on your hands, though you prefer your left hand. Your dad is convinced that you are going to be left handed.  You've started smiling more, like all the time. You smile when you see me. You smile when you see your dad. You smile at strangers. You even smile when you fart. And I love that.

I am *so* in love with this guy who gives me my bath

You even smile on cue. You smile when we say your name and a few key phrases that your Emo Erin said to you for two weeks straight. Don't believe me? Check this out:

Maximilien: 2 months old, part 2 from PutYourFlareOn on Vimeo

You blow spit bubbles and love mirrors. There's another baby in the mirror that you hide your face from and when you look again you see he's still there smiling at you. You love that. You've started playing with your voice. Gasouiller as they say in French. You've started sleeping longer periods of time at night. Which has made your dad very happy but changed very little for me because I sorta miss our late night rendez-vous. Instead, I have late night dates with the breast pump. That's ok because sleep makes you a happy baby and we like happy Max.

These past two months have gone by rather slowly. I'm grateful because I don't want to miss a minute of this special time we have together.  I hold you all the time and hardly let you cry. You snuggle in my neck and give me kisses on my cheek. You are my sweet, sweet boy. How lucky am I to turn 30 and have you in my life.

Aaaaaaaaand that's a wrap...