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Sleep, where are you??

I've been trying to teach Maximilien the art of sleeping. He needs it. We need it. When he gets a lot of it he's such a happy baby. When he doesn't, the old man face comes out and then the scary baby.  I've been reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Well, I've been skimming it and just reading the parts that pertain to Max. I've gotten to the part that explains how to get your baby on a healthy sleep routine. Even at this age they need stability or else they go crazy with over tiredness.  I couldn't understand why it was so hard for Max to get to sleep. I would notice that he was batting his ears and rubbing his eyes. For me that meant bed time. I was wrong. Bed time was probably about 15 to 30 minutes before the rubbing of the eyes and I had missed my window of opportunity.  When I'd try to sooth Max to sleep after he'd already been rubbing his eyes, it would literally take me two hours and sometimes longer to get him to sleep. It would have to be a combination of nursing and then fast walking up and down our long hall way (boy, are we glad to have that now) to get him to finally calm down. 

Sleepy, Sleepy... from PutYourFlareOn on Vimeo
May need to turn the volume up.....

A couple times I would notice that he would be in a rather calm mood. Not really interacting just sitting there with a very pensive look about him.  I would pick him up and rock him a bit, sing to him and POOF! He fell asleep. Those are the good days when I can catch his "pre-zzz" signs. The bad days are when we're out just a bit too long and I miss my window to put him down and then the screaming banshee comes out and I'm left walking up and down the hallway until Julien gets home where he'll take over because my back is killing me. 

My beef is how do we go out with Max if he has to follow such a strict sleep schedule.  Going out throws everything out of wack for him. He is sensitive. He does not like his stroller. He hates laying on his back.  He hates his car seat.  The baby bjorn is an option but it's hard on my back. He weighs 6.7 kilos (14.7lbs) now.  He wants to be held all the time. The latter doesn't really bother me that much because I LOVE holding him.  I know I'm probably making a mistake but whatever it's my first kid. I'll learn later. Anyway, if I don't keep him on his strict sleep schedule he will turn in to monster baby and not sleep and that means I don't sleep and I'll going crazy again. 

So, tonight I am trying something new. As I type this I put Max down in his crib and let him fall asleep by himself. I wound up his mobile and let it play. He layed there listening to it and cooing softly. After the music stopped he started to cry. I let him whimper a bit but it built up to the I'm-not-going-to-breath-crying and at the moment he did that my brother who I was skyping with says to me, "isn't it bad to let a baby cry like that?" He could hear Max crying through the wall over skype all the way in Seoul, Korea. *sigh* I hung up with my brother and picked up Max. Breastfed him, calmed him down and he fell asleep in my lap. I put him in his crib and he woke up crying again. I played his mobile for him yet again and would let him kick it out until he fell asleep. I forced myself to shut the door and let him cry.

And to my surprise he suddenly fell asleep. On his back. Oh, another thing, he only sleep on his stomach. I mean really sleeps. If he sleeps on his back he startles himself awake and then can't get back to sleep. So, there he was sleeping on his back. I had the baby monitor turned up and I waited to hear if he'd wake up. And he did. So, again I went to his crib, lowered the bar and sat next to him, saying nothing, rubbing his back and played him his mobile again. And I put him on his stomach and he fell right to sleep.

It's 6:45pm. He's been asleep for 15 minutes. Will it last?


7:00pm. Julien just got home. Max woke up crying as hard as his little body could. L'armes de crocodiles.   I couldn't resist I picked him up.

Ok, back to the drawing board, I guess....


Just wanted to add, when he finally does go down. He sleeps for 8 hours straight. But it takes us hours to finally get him down. I don't understand why it takes so long... Thank god, Julien is home... my back needed the break.


Nearly three hours after Julien got home, Max finally went down. He sat on my lap while I ate dinner. Julien rocked him up and down the hallway and he went down at 10pm. I'm obsessing about this sleep thing.

This is my life now. :)