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May 01, 2007


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Yipeee for paternity leave. So glad that they do that. Get some more five hours in a row so that you feel alive again.
Big Hugs!


i wake early normally (it's 7:40am right now and max is still asleep in his crib), but i looove leisure time to lounge around in bed til much at least 11 sometimes. nowdays, we bring max to bed with us in the morning, and though pleasure is an understatement, it's not the same blissful, lazy drifting and in out of sleep. so...as for julien's statement of 'sleeping in'...i snort at such silly dreams.

Mary Anne

I used to bring Jack into bed with me, and he would drift back off to sleep...and I would get a few extra minutes...and he is a great sleeper inner now....Sarah is another story...and well, Katy has figured out that if mom puts me in my crib, and I yell loudly enough she will hold me, and then fall asleep holding me....andthen I can snuggle all night...geee...they become teenagers eventually...so I will take the early morning snuggles now:)!

Mary Anne


my goodness! will you look at those suck muscles called cheeks! He is getting so big, and very healthly.

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