Maybe it's only funny to me...
It's hard getting all three of us in a photo

For five days, we waited...

The last time it happened was Monday morning. Maximilien woke up around 9am, I fed him and like usual he did his baby theatrics that accompany what my siblings and I call the dong (pronounced doh-ng which means poop in Korean) overture.  Max sings and pushes and grunts and then the big "ahhhh".  But since Monday morning we've been waiting to hear the dong overture again.  I payed close attention to Max all week. Asking kindly when the dong was going to arrive? He laughed and was  his happy self and showing no signs of distress. But everyday that passed there was no poop in sight.  By day three, I was started to worry a little. He had sorta done this before. When we were on vacation he had gone three days without a poop.  Day five, I called the pediatrician and ask for advice. He asked me questions about Max's behavior, if he was in pain or throwing up? Did he have a fever?  I told him that he was acting like himself.  He said not to worry and suggested a homeopathic remedy.  But last night after putting Max down for bed he whimpered in his sleep. He was half asleep, half awake and I could hear him ever so often make pushing noises and then cry.  I picked him up and he wailed and I knew it was time to go to the hospital. He had never wailed like that before.  We called the Samu to get advice and then told us to go to L'Hopital Trousseau, the children's hospital, near Porte de Vincennes and they would be able to help Max out. 

Like my other experiences in French hospitals we hadto wait a long time to see someone.  It seemed like other children were coming in that were sicker than Max and they were taking children on a priority system.  Max was initially examined by a nurse (he weighs 16 lbs now!) and they said he'd get in quick because he was under the age of 3 months. Nearly three hours later we finally saw a doctor.  The doctor (Dr. Maman!) examined Max and massaged his stomach and said he wasn't blocked and everything felt good.  She drilled me on what I had been eating lately since Max is fed exclusively breast milk. But she felt it was not right that Max had not pooped and actually thought we had waited too long to bring him in but didn't seemed too alarmed after she examined him.  She gave us little tube called Mini Lax that I had to administer to Max myself. It was a baby enema.  I gave it to him and in less than a minute he pooped! The doctor examined it and said it looked completely normal and sent us on our way. It was 2 am by the time we got home and we all fell into bed together and passed out.

The doctor at the hospital seemed shocked that we hadn't brought Max in earlier. And she criticized our pediatrician for not insisting to see Max in person.  For a second it made me question myself as a mother, had I made a mistake?  But then I piped up that I felt that he was okay. He wasn't acting strangely and that my instincts told me it was alright. Even our pediatrician asked if felt like he was acting differently, that was the first question he asked me and I said no. I think off that basis he wasn't too worried.  There is a fine line though when it comes to making decisions about my baby's health and I am still learning to work around that line.  The doctor at the hospital did say that mother's instinct is probably the best indicator when they are this age. It's so hard to really know.  I'm surprised at how calm I was during all this.  My mother's instinct really is an amazing thing. 

So, today I had a coffee and ate some prunes and pineapples at breakfast in hopes of keeping my son regular.  We're shooting for another poop by Monday. Welcome to Max's great poop watch 2007.  You know that my husband and I actually send each other SMS to keep each other in the loop about the poop. Ahh, life as parents.  If you've read this far, you are all too kind or perhaps just understand what this all means to us. :)