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June 22, 2007


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he's 3 months old now right? typically growth spurts happen around this time (the peanut is going through hers now too.) they're the worst, aren't they? i wanted to cry last night when my baby woke up only an hour after i went to bed wanting lots of boob and, of course, i thought she was done with the spurt so i pumped. not happy!


Lots of eating and no pooping? Sounds like a "no-drop-is-wasted-genuine-Growth-Spurt" to me. :)


It's interesting how babies are different. Even through growth spurts, Gab and Louise were always every 4 hours on their food schedules and didn't want to eat more often. But, I do notice when Louise goes through a growth spurt, she sleeps a lot during the day, which is rare for her because she usually takes very short cat naps.

Good luck with the feeding!


I remember a huge growth spurt around three months with Little S. I don't think he saw the light of day for a week because he was under my shirt so much. The girls will definitely step up! lol.

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