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June 09, 2007


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Welcome home! In reading your blog I have several times notice you mention that "empty" feeling regarding the loss of your mother. I too lost my mom back in 1992 (I was 20, she was 49). I'd like to recommend a book to you which was (and is) helpful to me as I have grown and had life changing experiences and milestones without her. The book is "Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss" by Hope Edelman. Please let me know what you think. Wishing you the best!


You write about your sense of happiness and loss beautifully and it makes it just that little bit better for those of us out there who have gone, or are going, through the same thing.


You write about your sense of happiness and loss beautifully and it makes it just that little bit better for those of us out there who have gone, or are going, through the same thing.


Welcome back to France! So glad that Max did so well on his long journey. He is a champ! You are doing a wonderful job and I know that your mother is so proud of you.

lots of love and bisous à deux


You and Max are real travel troopers and J, a trooper for being w/o you both. I am always touched how greatly you miss your mom, hugs for every moment you think of her :) It's awful yes, how folks think they can touch Max - ewwww! I had someone who thought she could take my son out of my arms once! Glad to read you are home!


Glad your home safe..
your trip went well and MAX did fine. YAY!!!!


I'm impressed with you traveling all that way by yourself with such a little one!

San Francisco

Aimee, I always sense that your mother is right with you in all your waking hours with Max and Julien. She is looking over your shoulder or your arms are her arms as you snuggle Max tightly.

The Bold Soul

Welcome back - we've missed you but it's good to know the trip went well and Max is a star traveler! Can't wait to check out your latest photos and catch up with you. When you get over your jet lag let's make plans to get together, ok? Hugs to you and Max.


Aimee, this post made me tear up considerably. I also live overseas away from my family. The pregnancy hormones don't help. You express the feelings behind these momentous life events so well.


I am glad you made it home safely and the trip was good with little Max. I was wondering how things went on the plane :) Can't wait to see you soon!


So glad the trip was a success, and glad you are home safe.

You know your mom is watching you. And she's proud of you, as Riana said.

Mary Anne

Glad you had a great trip! I'll bet Erin and Beth were not ready for you to go home either!
Miss you...
Mary Anne


What a nice post. You made me cry. I know it must be hard having a baby and not having your mom around.

My father died the day my son was conceived (we did IVF so we knew the exact moment of conception). What a weird chain of events. He is the spitting image of my father. I feel his presence everywhere and all the time and I'm constantly reminded of him through my son.

MA Shumin

Lovely thoughts you have here, I am very touched. You are a great daughter and I am sure your mom is smiling over you wherever she is.

It's been 9 years that I have been away from NYC and finally this September I will be going back home. I always thought I could spend time with my parents when I am older, when they are older. But one thing I have learned is never to take things for granted. Do things as they can be done then. And for this, I realy looking for returning to NYC and spend some time with my parents now.

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