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June 27, 2007


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Oooh I'm so jealous of your knitting time! But, if everything goes according to plan - since Max is one month ahead of Thaya, I've only got a month til I can make some progress :D

The Bold Soul

Yay, back to knitting! And love your new blog photo selection... see you tomorrow so I can get my own totally FAB 'do'!

laura b

Glad you're finding some time for yourself!


Hi there - glad to see you are knitting again! I've been thinking about your last post about Maximillians weight gain and so on...and the "do you have enough milk' comment....it's really been bugging me! So, when I was up feeding my youngest daughter (who is exactly the same age as Max) I thought I should write to you intstead of just lurking!!

I'm sure that if you look at the weight charts babies are not supposed to put on a kilo EVERY month - for goodness sake - imagine it - you'd be getting told off that he was getting fat!! Please don't worry about this comment from the doctor. Babies grow in fits and starts and they also grow sometimes in length and not girth if you know what I mean....!

It is soooooooo rare for women to not have enough milk. I am 100% sure that you have enough milk - just look at your thriving boy AND he sleeps all night - he's not getting hungry ;-)

It's totally normal for you to not get engorged or feel 'full'. If you're still feeding him when he's one, you'll notice that your boobs are almost back to their old selves, but you'll still be producing enough for a couple of really good feeds a day.

I hope this doesn't come across as a big rant at you - I'm trying to be supportive!! I know how those almost throw away comments by doctors can really damage your self confidence when you're just finding your way with your first baby.

You're doing an awesome job - your boy is just beautiful!!

Anyway, back to the knitting - that's how I found your blog in the first place - of course I'm not getting a whole lot done at the moment either - slowly at night when B is in bed. She is my fourth and shares her birthday with her older sister and with Max!



Yarntini! Looks like you're ahead of me... I'm doing toe up and I'm just past the heel on the first sock.

Mary HAINAngel2000

Love the sock color!! Great job! I have 4 kids so I totally relate with your blog! :) Mary


Yay for knitting socks and yarntini!


Have you looked at babylegs? They are really great for using with the sling. I was thinking that since you knit, you could knit your own baby legwarmers.

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