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Driving in Paris

I don't do it.

While picnicking with a friend today she invited me over to visit her at her apartment next week.  I thought to myself that this could be a good opportunity for me to drive there with Max. She lives in the suburbs of Paris and it wouldn't be considered actual Paris driving. 

I mentioned this to my husband and he thought it would be a great idea. Any mention of me driving is a great idea to my husband, he's been trying to get me to drive since we got our Twingo right before Maximilien was born.  But the thing is Paris drivers are crazy.  It seems like complete anarchy the way they drive. There are no lane markers and what is this crazy priorité a droite?  But having a small baby and living in the city sometimes the public transportation just isn't possible.  And every time we go on our big road trip to Belle Ile en Mer Julien is always the one to drive. 

So, tonight after mentioning that I might take the car out to see my friend who lives in the suburbs Julien offers to go out with me TONIGHT to drive a little.  He is that excited about me driving.  I looked at him and saw visions of him being one of those front seat drivers yelling , "Non, par la, PAR LA!! and cringing at every move I'd make. He's done it before a long, long time ago when he was trying to teach me how to drive stick. Anyway... I pushed that image out of my head and told him that we'd do it another time. So the conversation ended like this:

Note: Julien and I speak to each other in two different languages. Me English, him French. Always has been like this. Totally throws everyone off but it works perfectly for us.

Julien (eyes aglow) :  Ne t'inquiete pas, Je vais m'asseoir derrière avec Maximilien et regarderai Smallville sur ma PSP.  Ce sera comme si je n'étais pas là. -  Don't worry, I'll sit in the back seat with Maximilien and bring my PSP and watch Smallville. It will be like I'm not even there.

Me: "Yeah, right!! I know you, you'll be watching my every move. If I don't turn properly I'll hear it right away"

Julien: "Non, ma cherie....je serrerai les fesses si tu fais une betise. - I'll just squeeze my butt cheeks if I see you doing something wrong.

Yeah, yeah... so we'll see.  In August all the Parisian are gone on vacation so I think we'll be doing some night driving to practice  and Julien will have buns of steel from all the squeezing.