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July 25, 2007


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"Non, ma cherie....je serrerai les fesses...."

Thanks for the French lesson. I'm totally gonna use that.

Mary Anne

Well, if it is anything like Seoul...geee, never been so scared to walk at the crosswalk, with the light...in my life...or ride in a taxi holding Jack, and or Sarah in my arms...uhg....nightmares...

Squeeze Julien...backseat drivers are very annoying! ;)

Mary Anne


Oh my god, I wish Stéph would do that! When we are together, I would say 80% of the time he drives, so the few times that I do drive all I hear is "driving too close! you shifted badly! thats going to ruin the engine!" Or else I take a turn too fast and hes screaming little a little girl. Isnt he charming? *grrrrrr*


that's one of the joys of having an automatic car - not having to worry about shifting, etc at least lets you concentrate more on the actual driving.

and fab and i are the opposite - i'm the one always yelling at him. "Stop being so lazy and use your turn signals!" "Hey! Come on, you should've let that little old lady cross the road" or "Slow down, you're going to kill us"!!


I think I'm the only expat who thinks that Paris drivers are not that bad. You just have to keep your eyes peeled and not hesitate. A cinch.

Admittedly, this is more difficult when there are children in the back seat screaming, singing at the top of their respective lungs, pulling each other's hair, etc, but other than that, it's a piece of cake.


Man, I am so freaked out about even trying to drive in la région parisienne. Jenn's words SHOULD reassure me, but for the moment they don't... And would you believe that after more than 5 years here, I still haven't gotten my permis? Ugh, I've got to get on that.

Aimée, you and Julien sound so funnny together! This was hilarious... Now I need to get my boy to teach me how to drive a stick -- then at least I can maybe take the wheel when we're on road trips!


We love to drive, it's often a battle between us to know who will drive our PT Cruiser :P
BTW, we will be in Paris in 2 weeks.


I am curious to see how Paris drivers compare to Montreal drivers. We are apparently notorious for being the aggressive drivers here in North America. We'll be in Paris Monday, we will finally get to witness the famous Paris driving.


You're brave! I'm not sure I could do that altho' I love the freedom driving offers. I've driven on the "wrong" side of the road in the UK,trying not to be intimidated by the truck flashing lights behind me as I pass 140km, driven 2000+km road trips with four kids in the car, negotiated hairpin downhill curves tickling terrifying dropoffs, and city-drive regularly (albeit in the relatively small and civilized city of Vanc'r), but drive in Paris -- are you kidding? But you impress me, through your blog, as capable of a great deal and I'm sure you'll be zipping through that traffic like a native, and parallel parking your Twingo in a spot that N. Americans would consider impossible (that might be the European/Parisian driving skill that most impresses me -- I've really pushed myself to improve my parallel parking since seeing what can be done with real motivation)


The boyfriend doesn't allow me to drive. I mean, I drive the car without him, but if the 2 of us are going somewhere, he has to drive. We both know it's because I don't like being corrected and he won't be able to stop himself.

Buns of steel. I'm dying with laughter here.

The Bold Soul

Hey, here's an idea... why don't you do a short practice run over to my place in the 15th? It's a straight shot almost the whole way down Rue Tolbia/d'Alesia/de Vouillé, no rond-points, and then you'd just have to drive around the block to get near my apartment and find a place to park on Rue Labrouste. Could be a nice confidence booster. You could work your way up to scarier parts of Paris after that.

Having said that, I grew up and learned to drive in New Jersey, with our crazy highways and have driven in New York City many, many times with never a single fear or worry (or accident). I am even planning to drive in England when I go there later this year. But I have ZERO interest in driving in Paris (though I might some day rent a car and drive elsewhere in France). So I totally get why you don't drive here. THESE PEOPLE ARE FRIGGING INSANE on the roads. It's like they take all that pent up energy they hide underneath those reserved and gentil exteriors and take it out on other drivers.


omg. i LOVE that julien watches Smallville!

it's one of my faves


omg. i LOVE that julien watches Smallville!

it's one of my faves


Hum, we are now the 2nd of August... Did you start driving ?
Anyway, I admire you to be willing to drive in France. Christian, my compagnon, and I are both French, so you can imagine the atmosphere in the car when I had to start driving him around when he broke his ankle two years ago...
Remember one thing : if YOU are the driver, YOU know best how to apreciate the situation, try to ignore the yellings ;-)))

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