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I love The Simpsons. Even in French.

This is my ring tone on my cell phone. It makes me laugh every time I hear it.

I love The Simpsons, even in French.

Enjoy: Simpsons.Spider.Cochon.Sonnerie.mp3

Here are the lyrics if you're curious:

Homer: Spider Cochon, Spider Cochon, il peut marcher au plafond. Est-ce qu'il peut faire un toile? Bien sur que  non, c'est un cochon! Regard! Spider Cochon est la!  - Spider pig, Spider pig, he can walk on the ceiling. Can you make a web? Of course he can't, he's a pig! Look! Spider pig is here!

Marge: Oh Homer... maintenant tu pose ce cochon et tu viens toute de suite! - Oh, Homer... put that pig down now and come on!

Marge's voice in French is really bad. It's the only one I really don't like.

My husband is becoming a baby whisperer

Since Maximilien's arrival it hasn't always been that easy for Julien. In the beginning, Max only wanted me. He wanted me to hold him. He would only sleep in my arms. It was beautiful and exhausting. For me. Julien waited patiently for his son to "take to him".  Around  when Max was 6 weeks old, Julien took him paternity leave from work and we went on a mini vacation to see Julien's grandmother.  Max had his father's full attention for two weeks straight.  I got to sleep.  Things started to change after that. Max started to fall asleep in his father's arms. He started to recognize Julien's face though he already knew his voice long before. It was shortly after this that Max started to sleep through the night. 

We started a new routine that in the mornings when Max would stir Julien would go and get him, change his diaper and bring him to our bed so I could nurse him. All three of us would lay together until Julien's alarm would go off and he had to get up to start his day.  This morning moment is one I enjoy so much as I often watch my husband sleep while holding Max's little hand. Max is the blood link between Julien and I.

Another new routine we've started recently is that Max is put to bed by his father.  As you may have remembered Max isn't having it when Mama puts him to bed for the night. Since Max is currently taking three naps a day (crazy!) with his last one starting around 5pm and he wakes around 6pm  we've pushed Max's bedtime an hour at night so that Julien can come home and have that time with him. By 8pm, Max is bathed, fed and sleeping.  Julien has gotten so good at putting Max down that he doesn't even cry anymore and welcomes sleep.  It is truly amazing. Every night there are high fives of appreciation given as Julien and I know that this parenting thing is something we were both meant to do. 

As easily as things are coming along for us now the thought of having a second child is being talked about again.  Though Julien has been talking about it since Max was two weeks old, I've only been verbalizing my feelings seriously about it for the last few days.  Thanks for all your thoughts on the matter in my last entry.  I really appreciate all of you taking time to write to me and it has given me some perspective.  I have decided to just listen to my body and my body says it's not ready. I was physically stronger when I became pregnant with Max and today I don't feel like that.  And I would like to spend some one on one time with Max before a sibling is born to make sure he's ready too.  He's my first. My special boy.  I know having a second baby will be amazing but it is going to be different.

It is sweet that my husband is ready for another child.  It warms my heart to know that he wants a large (maybe even larger) family like I do.  I still sometimes see my husband as that young guy I met in English class 7 years ago.  Carefree. Raving it up guy.  And yet he impresses me with his natural parenting skills everyday.  Babe, I hope you're reading this today... you're the best. I love you.

Ok, I'm just going to ramble a bit here...

Would it be crazy that I am already thinking about having another baby? Part of me wants to wait. Wait until Maximilien is out of diapers and off to school.  But then a part of me is like, "let's just have them all in diapers at the same time and get it over with!".  Crazy? I don't know.  I want my kids to be close in age. Close so they can play together. But not far enough away that they really won't have too much in common. 

I was feeling a bit reminiscent and read back through my pregnancy with Max. It was such a wonderful time in my life. I mean I am living such a wonderful time in my life right now but I miss being pregnant. I am one of those women who really do enjoy it. Yeah, at the end it was hard. But I've forgotten all that already.

And now that I feel like I've got this mama thing under control and I feel confident. I feel like I can take on another kid.

Talking with a woman on the bus the other day, she was looking at Max and asked me nonchalantly if I was going to have anymore.  I told her that I planned on it. And she suggested to have the second one either pretty soon or wait until Max is old enough to understand that he has a brother or sister. Questions of sharing and being able to accept a sibling and what not. It made sense. 

I don't know what's brought this all on. Likely my hormones or something.... or just experiencing how Max makes me feel that having a sibling for him would be just wonderful.  I know what that feels like being the oldest of five. We always had fun together growing up and we still do now as adults.


Ah-ppa, stop reading now....


Anyway... just a bit of rambling here.  I've got to get my sex drive back if we're going to have any chance of making a sibling for Max. I don't know about you other mamas out there but breastfeeding just kills my sex drive.  Please tell me that I'm not the only one. :)

Driving in Paris

I don't do it.

While picnicking with a friend today she invited me over to visit her at her apartment next week.  I thought to myself that this could be a good opportunity for me to drive there with Max. She lives in the suburbs of Paris and it wouldn't be considered actual Paris driving. 

I mentioned this to my husband and he thought it would be a great idea. Any mention of me driving is a great idea to my husband, he's been trying to get me to drive since we got our Twingo right before Maximilien was born.  But the thing is Paris drivers are crazy.  It seems like complete anarchy the way they drive. There are no lane markers and what is this crazy priorité a droite?  But having a small baby and living in the city sometimes the public transportation just isn't possible.  And every time we go on our big road trip to Belle Ile en Mer Julien is always the one to drive. 

So, tonight after mentioning that I might take the car out to see my friend who lives in the suburbs Julien offers to go out with me TONIGHT to drive a little.  He is that excited about me driving.  I looked at him and saw visions of him being one of those front seat drivers yelling , "Non, par la, PAR LA!! and cringing at every move I'd make. He's done it before a long, long time ago when he was trying to teach me how to drive stick. Anyway... I pushed that image out of my head and told him that we'd do it another time. So the conversation ended like this:

Note: Julien and I speak to each other in two different languages. Me English, him French. Always has been like this. Totally throws everyone off but it works perfectly for us.

Julien (eyes aglow) :  Ne t'inquiete pas, Je vais m'asseoir derrière avec Maximilien et regarderai Smallville sur ma PSP.  Ce sera comme si je n'étais pas là. -  Don't worry, I'll sit in the back seat with Maximilien and bring my PSP and watch Smallville. It will be like I'm not even there.

Me: "Yeah, right!! I know you, you'll be watching my every move. If I don't turn properly I'll hear it right away"

Julien: "Non, ma serrerai les fesses si tu fais une betise. - I'll just squeeze my butt cheeks if I see you doing something wrong.

Yeah, yeah... so we'll see.  In August all the Parisian are gone on vacation so I think we'll be doing some night driving to practice  and Julien will have buns of steel from all the squeezing.

Eight Annoying Things About Me

Here are a few things about me that you may not know. If you know me then maybe you know these things. If you live or have lived  with me then you have faced these things everyday. :)

1) I am not good at putting out another toilet roll after I've finished the previous roll. I know. Annoying.  And you know what's even more annoying? I give Julien a hard time when he doesn't do it. Annoying am I... yes, yes, yes.

2) I fart in my sleep. One a few people have ever experienced this. Namely Julien. He has to live with this for the rest of his life. I find it highly funny. But he finds it annoying.  Once when I was traveling with friends across Europe we shared a room at a hostel. You know those sleeping dorm type rooms except it was just me and my friends in there.  Well, my friend's boyfriend was traveling with us and I didn't really know him well. The next morning after only knowing him for like a week. He says to me, "Dude, you fart in your sleep". I was mortified. I hid myself under the sheet. He laughed and said it was pretty cool that I felt comfortable farting in front of him ( I had no idea I was doing it!) and then he looked at his girlfriend who apparently left the room every time she had to cut the cheese. I think they are married now.

3) I make a weird sucking noise in my sleep. Kind of like what Maximilien does when he sleeps. Julien says it sounds like I'm lapping up milk like a kitten. Again, it annoys Julien. I am asleep when I do so I have no idea.

4) I don't finish my drinks.  Pour me a glass of juice, I'll drink  it to nearly empty but leave just a little bit.  I do this at home. When we go out to dinner. At friend's houses. Parties.  I think this dates back to my girlfriends in elementary school telling me that if I don't leave a little bit at the end I'll be drinking back wash.  Julien finishes my back wash drinks for me.

5)  I can spend hours on end on the computer. Sometimes this annoys me especially when I know I have something I have to get done.  In college I had to share a computer with my roommate and I know this annoyed her to no end because she wanted to obsess check her email like I was. It was my computer so I didn't feel that bad. But today, things suffer because I'm such an Internet addict. Like housework. And my baking. I bombed a banana cake yesterday because I lost track of time while I was playing on Flickr.

6) I refuse to deal with French administrative offices.  I've been living in France for over 4 years now and I still can't get a straight answer from someone who works in French admin job. Just yesterday, I called to follow up on a dossier and the woman told me something completely different than her colleague did the week before.  I asked why this happened and she said I obvious talked to someone who didn't want to tell me the right information. Didn't want to tell me? So, I am annoyed that I can't deal with these administrative tasks myself and instead I give them to Julien to do. And I know that annoys him but he does it anyways because he loves me.



The last two are going to get done but I have to go do something else right now (hubby has made me dinner!). So, I'll get to those two later.

I'm a procrastinator, is that annoying? It doesn't bother me at all. :)

So, while I'm procrastinating on this list, I'm going to tag Vivi at Dispatches from France and Mickalino at Frog with a Blog  I wan to see what they find annoying chez eux.

Quatre Mois

Dear Maximilien,

I haven't been blogging much lately because I've had my hand full with you. I don't regret one moment as every moment I spend with you I feel my life becoming fuller and fuller. We were talking yesterday while you were sucking your entire hand about how you've been with us (outside my body) for nearly 4 months now. Almost half the time you spent inside my belly.  And how thirty years ago this year I was born. And how amazing cycles of life are.  You gave me a full gummy smile that said you understood what I was saying and then you closed your eyes, sucked your thumb and went to sleep.  Every morning for the last few weeks, we have been taking naps together.  I always put you on your father's side of the bed but some how you always end up cuddling next to me. I'm awaken by your fuzzy little head rubbing against my arm and your cute little diaper butt crunching as you try to move closer and closer to your mama.

Our Naptime

You've become quite the talkative baby.  When you're in the stroller (which you sit up in now) you are always talking away often getting the attention of the people around us. You charm everyone with your smiles and you give them so freely.  It makes me feel so good that you are such a happy baby and already at this young age you are spreading happiness to others.  I know your halmoni in heaven would be so proud of you for this.  You're already making friends and I believe you're starting to notice that there are other people in your life besides your mother and father.  And just this week, you've figured out how to roll from your stomach to your back. This amuses you to no end. When you land on your back you're a bit confused and then you burst into laughter and then after a while you start to whine in frustration because you want to be on your stomach again. You hate laying on your back for too long.  Apart from a few accidental turns, you haven't quite mastered rolling from your back to your tummy yet. But I think you'll get it soon. 

This is what happens now when we put him to bed.

Last night, I tried to put you to bed for 3 hours and you thought it was a game and kept flipping yourself over again and again.  It wasn't until your father came home and he put you down that you finally went to sleep.  I take it that you love me so much that you'll forgo sleep to play with me. Well, it looks like your father is going to be the one to put you to bed from now on. I guess he's not as fun to play with as me. And you know what?  I secretly love that. He wonders what that says about him? You're going to have to talk to him about that later.

Mr Moony

Other than that you've been eating your hands and anything else you can put in your mouth for a few weeks now.  I have a feeling that a tooth might be making it's way down soon.  We call you our little escargot tout chaud because of all the bubbles and drool that's been going on. Or maybe you're really hungry. We'll see at your next doctor's visit if you're eating enough but judging from my back, it feels like you are.

Daddy and Max

So far this has been the most exciting month for you and your father. Not to say that your birth wasn't exciting but now you're  interacting with him so much more. Smile for smile. Laugh for laugh.  Your face is priceless when you see your father after a long day. You may be tired and cranky but when you hear your father's voice you get very, very quiet and open your eyes wide when you hear his footsteps in the hallway.  Then it's an explosion of laughter and smiles and sweet, sweet cuddles.  It is so obvious that your father is your main man.

I hope that I can keep up with these letters every month.  Blogging every week is hard enough but I think I can do this for you. I know someday you will read these and think that I was a little crazy, which is completely true but I hope that you'll enjoy these letters and we'll be able to read them together and laugh.

Love you, my son...


The smiley face that melts my heart

I just can't get enough of this face. Everyday we have smiling contests and Max always wins. Wins my heart that is. Lately, it's been fingers in the mouth all the time. I think there might be a tooth making it's way down soon.

Max and Max

They are still a little too young to play together but at least they actually notice one another today.

See the ball attached to the left stroller? Does anyone else have this ball? It's soft and made of the same material as jelly bracelets.  We are trying to find out the brand and where we can get more of these? Any ideas?

Playdate Mosaic

Um, you've got a stain on your shirt there...

Perhaps you know what I'm talking about? They aren't really that noticeable but in the right light you can see them pretty well, I guess. Breast milk or spit up. Or both. I am sitting here typing this entry in my underwear and a maternity tank top.  All five of my outfits that I enjoy wearing right now are in the wash. Cotton. Stretch. Can be washed together. Nothing needs to be ironed. My mommy uniforms waiting to be barfed, drooled or leaked on.   So, if you see a stain on my shirt... just pretend it's not there. That's what I do most of the time.

Having some work done

So, you might start getting old entries popping up in your RSS feeds soon. I'm re-doing the categories on my blog so that they make better sense to me and while I'm at it I'm going to redo the template too.  That's why it's been blank for a few weeks now. I still haven't found anything I like.

Until then... I'm back to work, the boss is calling...

It's 5:30am.... what am I doing up?