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July 31, 2007


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lovely post. my husband was not a natural with small babies and children, but he learned quickly and at a time when not so many men were doing baby baths, bedtimes, diapers, etc. I wonder how well we would have grown as a couple and as a family if he had been otherwise. I really think that the early care helped build the kind of trust his daughters and son have always had in him and I know it's part of why we've been together over 33 years. You seem to have the same close bonds and raising your child(ren) together will make them stronger and richer.


Your family makes my heart all gooey. Great post.

The Bold Soul

Hey, great kudos for Daddy! Isn't it great when men show their nurturing sides? Clearly you are both doing EVERYTHING right, and appreciating each other a lot in the process of discovering all this new stuff called "parenting".

Mary Anne

Isn't it the best...Tom has always done bedtime, baths and middle of the night crap(and since often Sarah is still up in the middle of the night once...I love that he doesn't mind it...pea size bladder!)
He once told a social worker that 2 am was his fav time of day with Jack...because I was sound asleep, and he got Jack all to himself!
Now, I would say he loves bedtime the best(he and Jack are reading aloud Harry Potter, Sarah loves the snuggles and well, Katy is just a snuggle bunny in her rocker with him!)
I love that Tom can take any baby, and calm it...so much better than I! It is a gift!

Mary Anne

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