The smiley face that melts my heart
Looks like there will be no knitting going on for a little while...

Quatre Mois

Dear Maximilien,

I haven't been blogging much lately because I've had my hand full with you. I don't regret one moment as every moment I spend with you I feel my life becoming fuller and fuller. We were talking yesterday while you were sucking your entire hand about how you've been with us (outside my body) for nearly 4 months now. Almost half the time you spent inside my belly.  And how thirty years ago this year I was born. And how amazing cycles of life are.  You gave me a full gummy smile that said you understood what I was saying and then you closed your eyes, sucked your thumb and went to sleep.  Every morning for the last few weeks, we have been taking naps together.  I always put you on your father's side of the bed but some how you always end up cuddling next to me. I'm awaken by your fuzzy little head rubbing against my arm and your cute little diaper butt crunching as you try to move closer and closer to your mama.

Our Naptime

You've become quite the talkative baby.  When you're in the stroller (which you sit up in now) you are always talking away often getting the attention of the people around us. You charm everyone with your smiles and you give them so freely.  It makes me feel so good that you are such a happy baby and already at this young age you are spreading happiness to others.  I know your halmoni in heaven would be so proud of you for this.  You're already making friends and I believe you're starting to notice that there are other people in your life besides your mother and father.  And just this week, you've figured out how to roll from your stomach to your back. This amuses you to no end. When you land on your back you're a bit confused and then you burst into laughter and then after a while you start to whine in frustration because you want to be on your stomach again. You hate laying on your back for too long.  Apart from a few accidental turns, you haven't quite mastered rolling from your back to your tummy yet. But I think you'll get it soon. 

This is what happens now when we put him to bed.

Last night, I tried to put you to bed for 3 hours and you thought it was a game and kept flipping yourself over again and again.  It wasn't until your father came home and he put you down that you finally went to sleep.  I take it that you love me so much that you'll forgo sleep to play with me. Well, it looks like your father is going to be the one to put you to bed from now on. I guess he's not as fun to play with as me. And you know what?  I secretly love that. He wonders what that says about him? You're going to have to talk to him about that later.

Mr Moony

Other than that you've been eating your hands and anything else you can put in your mouth for a few weeks now.  I have a feeling that a tooth might be making it's way down soon.  We call you our little escargot tout chaud because of all the bubbles and drool that's been going on. Or maybe you're really hungry. We'll see at your next doctor's visit if you're eating enough but judging from my back, it feels like you are.

Daddy and Max

So far this has been the most exciting month for you and your father. Not to say that your birth wasn't exciting but now you're  interacting with him so much more. Smile for smile. Laugh for laugh.  Your face is priceless when you see your father after a long day. You may be tired and cranky but when you hear your father's voice you get very, very quiet and open your eyes wide when you hear his footsteps in the hallway.  Then it's an explosion of laughter and smiles and sweet, sweet cuddles.  It is so obvious that your father is your main man.

I hope that I can keep up with these letters every month.  Blogging every week is hard enough but I think I can do this for you. I know someday you will read these and think that I was a little crazy, which is completely true but I hope that you'll enjoy these letters and we'll be able to read them together and laugh.

Love you, my son...