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July 20, 2007


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so sweet. i just love his facial expressions! wow, i'm so impressed that he's rolling all over the place and cool with being on his stomach. the peanut hates being on her stomach (i suspect that's the reflux) so she hasn't figured out how to roll around yet.


Thanks for sharing what are wonderful shots of M - they bring a big smile to me. I remember those days of the entire hands in the mouth, lotsa drools, and learning what one can do w. the body - ah! he'll love walking!


Oh, Aimée, I know I keep saying the same thing over and over again in my comments, but I just wanted to say how utterly incredibly adorable Max is, with all these changing expressions, these enormous smiles. I especially love that shot of him with his daddy -- priceless!


Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with me! I love watching Max grow up and see what wonderful things he is learning! Miss you lots :)

The Bold Soul

I think your letter to Max are becoming my favorite part of your blog. Tied with the photos of course! LOVE that one of him with the fingers in mouth and the big smile that curves his eyes into little moons. So happy, this boy!

Carol | Kimchi Mamas | bokumbop

Beautiful baby and family ... you have got one very expressive baby. It gets better and better with each passing day and at every stage. It's incredible to experience your heart actually growing!


Thanks in huge part to your posts, I am really looking forward to being a mom.


He's so happy! The belly laughs keep me going through the fatigue...so much fun. I'd love to see videos of Max laughs!


superbe ma chérie. Je suis convaincu que MAximilien adorera lire ces lettres quand il sera plus grand. Je vous aime tous les deux très fort.

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