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July 03, 2007


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The Bold Soul

Did you ever see the Roseanne episode where Jackie is marrying the father of her baby and just as she's getting ready to do the ceremony, she hears the baby cry and her breasts start leaking so she's got these 2 wet spots right front-and-center. Last scene: in the middle of the ceremony, she's breastfeeding and before she can say "I do", she has to switch sides! Hysterical, and I'll bet any new mommy can relate.

La Rêveuse

I can so identify. Went to Old Navy the other day. Women in the dressing room admired my beautiful daughter, and ignored my boob leak spot WITHOUT telling me so I could have pulled my cardi over it.


It's the spinach in the teeth of breeding women.

I got some Lily Padz today. Will let you know how they work.


oh god, everything that i own that fits my post-baby body has spit-up stains on them. it's so depressing. i really only wear sweats around the house and save the two skirts and three shirts i have left that are ok for going out.

Mary Anne

LOL...was singing at church on Sunday...not in the choir, as the worship leader...and dang it all...Katy spit up huge....yep...and the black shirt "uniform" we all wear showed it all...and I am sure Bob could smell it too....that is what I get for sitting with my family during the sermon!


YOur haircut is sooooo cute! rah rah rah Aimee! Hope that you are taking care of yourself more. thank you for the nice email the other day, that meant a lot to me.

bisous, riana


I don't even have five. I have one in-the-house get-up and one out-of-the-house outfit.

Also, I am a big fan of spit up down the boobs. It's not like I am going to take off my bra to clean in there or anything, so I always feel like it just sort of rots. I clean what I can, of²couse, but there's only so much one can do...


I didn't have the breast milk stain experience because both of mine were formula fed, but no matter what way you feed them, there is always spit up! Louise had huge spit up until she started eating solids and with me I was constantly carrying spit up stains on my clothes. Now that she's moved onto solids, I think every item of her clothing has at least one carrot stain. White is not a good color for solids eating babies!


Hi Aimee, such adorable photos of Max. I love reading your blog, as I relate so well to the way you think about life. I also just read your list of 30 things; they will all come together for you. I see these intentions as part of your next chapter in life, and also as a reaching out to reclaim a side of Aimee who is 'on hold' while you embrace your time with Max. So nice that you are taking your first year of Max's life to be his full-time Maman! I'm sure this is a tremendous source of strength for you, Julien, and your families. Love your new haircut, and you're doing a fantastic job! Hope to meet you one day in Paris! --All the best, Stephanie


Once, during a rousing game of Scattergories where the letter was C - my friend answered Carletta's shirts to something that has spots - I'm that big of a spiller.


I have 3 year old and still get stains from whatever we had for lunch, his playdoh, markers, or bodily functions on my shirts. I don't think it ever ends!! =)

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