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Teething + lack of sleep + sickness + guilt = bummed out mama

Cinq Mois

Dear Son,

You're 5 months old now.  I think I say it every month and I'll say it again, I can't believe it.  With every passing day you I see more and more of your personality shining through.  One thing that has remained the same from the very beginning is if you're not happy about something you sure do tell us. The loudest cry, the loudest scream. Loud enough to make the neighbors turn their heads as we walk by. But as mad as you get sometimes, you are just as happy or even more so. Your smile lights up my day and night.  Lately, you've become such a pro at rolling over it's almost annoying for your mom and dad. Just last night you rolled over five time in your sleep. Not sure what you were doing but some how you end up on your back and then you started talking to yourself. And then the shrieking came that told us that you've had enough and want to flipped over again. Back to tummy, you're not even trying to do that yet.

Sitting at his play gym

As I type this right now you are relaxing in your crib, talking with the animals hanging from the canopy above your bed. You sure are our son because you love your bed so much. Mama and Papa love their bed too. You even let us sleep in on the weekends sometimes though last Saturday night you were not having it with the sleep and wanted to eat every two hours. Boy, I was tired but happy to be there for you. Reminded me of our first month together and how we'd have our late night rendez-vous by the light of my computer screen. 

Kitchen utensils make the best toys

You have always been such an active baby since the day you were born. Kicking and waving your arms. Now you are grabbing things and waving them. Kitchen utensils are you new favorite toys. Why do parents buy toys when you can just give our kid a spatula? You grab your feet and letting them go with a force that shakes the changing table and sometimes scares your mama.  You have started having these moments when you're contemplating something.  You sit quietly looking hard at the kitchen plants or study your mama's face. You are always looking around and studying your surroundings. Learning. Assimilating. Curiosity has been your middle name this month.   Then you start to babble away and I nod as if I understand. This world around you has got to be so exciting, I look forward to the day you'll be able to tell me what you see.


I'm still kissing your cheeks like they are going out of style which for me they never will but just the other day you've started kissing me back! Be it an open mouth, tongue on my cheek but I'll take it.  It's such a sweet sweet moment. You gently put your hands on my face and as if you are pulling me towards you and you plant a wet one right there on my cheek. And you do it over and over again. Just copying what your mama does to you.

Just taking a break to blow some spit bubbles...

You are trying to nap right now and I went in to check on you and found that you had flipped yourself over again. You were crying. I picked you up and held you close. You  looked right in the face and barfed down my cleavage.  And then laughed. I wiped your face with my shirt because that's what your mom does and put back in your bed and you fell off to sleep. 

Max's grip

I sit here smelling of curdled milk thinking that I wouldn't change anything in my life right now.  You are the light and love of my life, Maximilien. Your father and I say it everyday. You have brought so much happiness to our lives we can't even begin to express it all.  Happy 5, big boy.



PS. While playing in the park with a friend today you cried out for apparently no reason (so it seemed) and I saw right there that you had a tooth! This explains the last couple nights of late night feedings and sleepless nights. My stealth teether, you've got your first tooth today!