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August 21, 2007


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LOL! The barf thing has me rolling with laughter in my jet-lagged state.

Gosh I can't wait to see him...and kiss his cheeks too.

And...umm...parents who buy toys for their friends to carry back from the states and then decide they don't want toys but kitchen utensils...yeah...

(******just teasing******)


hahah, the barf part just kills me. i can't even tell you how many times i was spit up on this weekend. you just get used to it! even miss it when it stops.


Happy 5, Max! Keep on studying the world, laughing and moving and loving on your Mama. It is a good world, Max. We need more souls like you to keep it that way.

The Bold Soul

:: uterus clenching :: He's kissing you back? That is so perfect. You must be eating that up!


Awww such a cutie!!!


teeth already!? wow. Ayva is almost 10 months and still gumming everything.
happy five months, Max!


Happy five months! Yipee for teeth! And I love that shot of his hand gripping his foot! =)


He is so adorable, can we set up the marriage right now?

The photos are fabulous as always and the funny stories! What a great family you have!


Egads! Teeth already? My kids both got their teeth after their first birthdays.


Flynn just got involved with his entertainment mat this weekend...absolutely loves it...just kicks and smiles and coos, precious! He is a changing boy for sure.


It's amazing how quickly they grow up isn't it?

Happy 5 months lil' man!

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