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August 19, 2007


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Hi Aimee,

I am an occassional lurker on this site but I had to comment on this post because I had a similar problem.

I tried everything that you had in your list, but also did drank this Fish and Papaya soup.

Eventually everything kinda worked out. I have no idea whether this soup really worked the magic that old chinese midwives believe that it will, but hey - everything is worth trying at least once.

If you want to give it a go, here it is:
- about 1kg of white fish meat (with bones)
- 100g raw peanuts (soaked overnight in water and drained)
- 1 raw or as unripe as you can get papaya, about 1kg - cut into cubes/wedges
- a couple pieces of of clean tangerine peel
- 4 slices ginger
- 1.5 litres water or meat stock
- 2 tbsp sesame oil

Cooking Method:

1. In a large soup pot, heat oil & fry ginger slices till fragrant, then fry fish in oil until golden brown

2. Add all the rest of the indgredients and cook on small flame for 2 hours, or untill soup reduces to about half the pot.

If you get stuck with any of the indgredients, email me and I'll try figure out some alternatives.



Aimee thanks for organizing all these links. It's been great reading your breastfeeding posts and the resulting discussions.

I'm 5 months pregnant now, so have no clue yet about breastfeeding but definitely want to do it.

I'll be moving back to a very isolated camp in rural Vietnam when our baby is just about 6 - 8 weeks old, so it's good to know that, should I have problems breastfeeding excusively, it's ok and normal to supplement. (Access to doctors, nurses, heck, lactation consultants or sometimes even the wise old internet--minimal to non-existent.) I'll be feeding this sprog in whatever way works!

Happy you got through the stressful weekend!

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