I wish I could figure out how to blog and pump at the same time.
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Discussion Links

I thought it would be easier to post all the great links that have been posted through out our little series of discussions on breastfeeding. There's been a lot of great advice and experiences shared. I really appreciate that you took the time to share with me and everyone else who read my blog. I think it's become a great wealth of information.  And it's really helped me through a stressful weekend. 

So here's what's been posted up to date and a few more links from me:

- US breastfeeding laws for each of the 50 states.
- How long should one breastfeed for?  (La Leche League)
- Extended Breastfeeding. (LLL)
- Let down, BF terminology for Milk Ejection Reflex (Wikipedia rocks!)
- Kelly Mom, great BF and parenting website.
- How does milk production work?
- Your period could cause low milk production.(Not true for all women but for me, yes!)
- Rice milk and soy milk for infants and toddlers.
- Mother's Milk Tea to increase milk production.
- Fenugreek to increase milk production. (after taste is kind of like maple syrup)
- Oatmeal to increase milk production. (very good with peaches and cream)
- Dark beer to increase milk production. (My choice is Guinness, a glass in the evening is lovely)
- Hands -free pumping bra.
- Caroline suggested making a hands-free pumping bra myself . (It works!)