Where is it appropriate to feed your baby?
I wish I could figure out how to blog and pump at the same time.

For how long?

I am really enjoying the free flowing discussion we are having here about breast feeding, formula feeding, breast or bottle in public, etc... The vibe is so positive and groovy. Thanks. :)

Another non mama and mama brought up another question out of curiosity about the benefits of breast feeding beyond one year.  How long should one breastfeed?  While I haven't really given too much thought about extended breast feeding  at the moment because Max is only 5 months old. There is one thing I know I'll probably practice is child led weaning of the breast.  I would like my child to let me know when he's ready to move on. I feel like that would be such an awesome way to empower my child starting at a young age.  That being said, I know that when we will have our second child I would not like to be breastfeeding two children at once.  We'll probably try for the second one when Max is around 15 months old. So, if he's not ready to wean by 15 months, my theory of empowering my child to chose to wean will be thrown out the window. But we'll see....

What are you thoughts and experiences?  And please check out the comments/question (linked above).