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August 20, 2007


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I love this sweater (jumper!). Beautiful way of passing on the love and keeping the memories alive.


lovely stitch definition of your son's cardigan. Actually, I notice that your stitches and your mother's look quite similar! Beautiful quilt -- what a treasure to have.


i love the shade of rusty orange you chose of max's sweater. perfect for fall!

and your mother was an amazing crafter. i am still in awe of that quilt she made you. what wonderful treasures she left you and everyone in your family. :)


very cute! i'm falling way behind in knitting for the peanut. going to work sucks!


What a lovely jumper (both of them!). I have just started knitting but it will be a long time before I can knit things as lovely as you and your mother have. What special things to cherish. :)


I wish I could knit. This is gorgeous...I would love one for my girlies. :)
The color is perfectly autumnal.


your raglan with a placket-neck is simply gorgeous. love the color. and your son looks debonair in it!


Damn, you made me cry. Now my mascara is all messed up.


Like I said, I prefer knitting in French... despite the 3x2 blah blah...

He's such a cute little thing. 3 days to make a sweater! Wow. You must have been going non-stop!

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