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August 31, 2007


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Mary Anne

very good Max! Gotta love that toy....Katy does too! Hugs...
Mary Anne


Cute video! We have the same square Lamaze toy that Max has. Katie is just 4 months old, so about a month younger that yours. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing where Max is at and what he's learning. We don't have the neat stackable ring toy though...might have to get that! And your "Daily Links" have been fun to look at too! Thanks for sharing!


Stinkin' cute! He's so happy and content, that boy.
As I was watching I kept feeling like something was missing...and then I realized what it was. No screaming toddler in the background! Ahhhh, yes, that wonderful sound of silence. I miss it. :)


how fun! i need to get some more carpet in my apt in order for peanut to fall over :)


He is just so darn cute!

I feel for you! I went through the same thing with my little one a few weeks back. I tried everything! The only 2 things that ended up working was either playing with her until she finally got tired (which sometimes wasn't until 1am!), or letting her sit in her swing chair until she started yawning.

This stage will pass though. I promise!

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