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Where is it appropriate to feed your baby?

I'd like to start of by saying that I am thrilled that we had such an open (non-aggressive) conversation about breast feeding and formula feeding. Perhaps those aggressive types are not reading my blog but I feel like we've opened a very nice dialog here and I wanted to thank you all for sharing your thoughts.  We need to hear more real stories like this to show that there are choices to be made and no one should be passing judgment. Who are we to judge one another? We should be supporting one another!

A non mama posted a very good question in my comments in my last entry that I wanted to open up for discussion.  She asked, "Where is it appropriate to feed?". I am making the supposition that she means to breast feed?  I personally believe that anywhere you can bottle feed your baby you should be able to breast feed your baby.  Unfortunately, society has other ideas. Again, why?

Back in June I has some slight fears about breast feeding in public. I was traveling back to the US to introduce Maximilien to my family. And I was a little afraid to breast feed in public due to some (horror) stories I had heard in the news. Stories of women being kicked out of restaurants and places like Target and Victoria's Secret for breast feeding their child.  The Victoria's Secret really stood out, hello there are boobs all over that place. I digress... anyway, my friend suggested that I educate myself on the laws of the states I was going to be visiting about breast feeding in public. Some states actually ban it in public places. Some states don't have any laws at all concerning breast feeding  Here's the list of states that allow and the specific language for each of their state laws. I was going to Virgina and their state law says that a women is free to breast feed on any state own property.

There was only one time I needed to breast feed Max in public and that was in Target while my aunt and I had sat down to have a cool drink. I came prepared with my Maya wrap and I used to shield any part of my body that might offend. I refuse to cover my baby up while he is feeding. He nursed for thirty minutes while I enjoyed my drink and conversation with my aunt and nothing happened.

What has been your experience breast feeding in public? And what are your thoughts on this matter?