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September 20, 2007


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La lecture de ses quelques lignes me font très plaisir et me réchauffent le coeur. Ma chère et tendre renaît de ses cendres, tel le phoenix... I love you both, very much

The Bold Soul

Once again, you got me... tears in my eyes, both of you, with your words. Julien, I haven't met you yet but I already know what kind of man you are. Bon mini-anniversaire, petit Max!

Mary Anne

Happy 6 months little guy! Don't grow up too fast...your momma will miss your cuddles...

Mary Anne
(whose 7 yr old isn't as cuddly anymore ;(!)


This is so sweet. Happy 6 months to you. This is a very perfect age.


i remember reading your posts when he was born, and now, well, it has been half a year. how crazy. my boys are just a month behind max, i love seeing what he and you are up to, it is like a sneek peek into our near future. you are such a good mama, aimee.



I've been following your blog (by way of your flickr) for sometime now. I apologize for not introducing myself sooner and never got to commenting here, so I want to finally introduce myself.

Happy half Birthday to Max!


Your Max sure is one cutie. His eyes say so much!


Awwwww, happy 6 months little cutie!


Ohhh, such a happy day and a happy time for you two. Going with his rhythm and embracing that chaos is not an easy thing and to witness you achieving that is so beautiful. Motherhood = Surrending.
He is indeed an adorable little boy whose eyes could melt the toughest heart.
Sending my love to you both. :)


Happy six months sweet Max! I hope the days to come will be filled with even more fun and exploration.


Happy half-birthday little man


Trish from Tanglewood Fiber Creations

your just getting to the good part! Having Charlie here all weekend reminded me that 9mons.-18mons. are the best! Then again when they are 23-25! Lol, enjoy! Trish

amy sharp

lovely post- well said and sweet...

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