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October 23, 2007


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off to cry now...




Happy 7, Max! I can see that happiness and joy that your mama talks about radiating through your photos. You have so much adventures to travel on, but for now...enjoy the arms and closeness of your mama and papa.

Mary Anne

Happy Birthday Max!
Get started on that walking thing now...LOL....just watch your mama's head spin! Can't wait to chase you and your cousin here in just a few more weeks!

Mary Anne


wow, that max is such a charmer! look at that smile and twinkle in his eye :) happy 7 months!

aloha no

Sweet, sweet, beautiful boy.

"Okay" - awwwww. . . . how adorable must that be! Video please:-)

Loving the choice of patterns/colors in the last pics.


He is so beautiful! I can't believe how big he has gotten and I can't wait to meet him in a couple of months.


What a beautiful post! And the new blog layout looks great :)


Penny took the words right out of my month! This was so beautiful, so heartfelt, sincere and touching -- I'm off to cry now too! And I LOVE the new layout, the colors, everything -- great job, Aimée! You've got so much talent.


Me too! Love the new layout and colors - but most of all, love the black and white photo of Max and his grandfather. You captured the perfect moment :)


the photo with your dad and max is priceless. your letter to max is so touching and gives me a glimpse of the beauty of motherhood. :) max is lucky to have a mama like you.


Happy belated 7 months lil' cutie!

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