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October 31, 2007


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aloha no

gosh i live for moments like that. had one last week, sitting in front of the library, having pb&honey on the bench. she always says she loves me . . . that day she said she liked me :-)

i also have to say you are one of a handful of bloggers who have inspired me to start my own blog. thank you.


You couldn't have described those feelings any better. You truly are surrounded by love. You sound incredibly happy, and with good reason!

Mary Anne

ahhh, the moment recently that made me go ahhh, was when on the way to the bus stop...Sarah turns around and yells(with that lovely voice of hers LOL!) "Mom, don't forget to pray for me today!" Ever since they were little I would tell them I will pray for you today...and that is a day I must have rushed them out the door to catch the wonderful bus...but she remembered...and so did I...thanking God for that sweet lovable child(and her brother and sister) that make me wonder at the world...

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