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October 15, 2007


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You are doing fabulously. I am sure that your mom is up there watching you with a big smile across her face. She is so proud of you! You are not incomplete, you are a part of that circle of life. That wheel that keeps turning, petit à petit just like the Price Is Right wheel as it gets close to the dollar sign. You have hit the jackpot: wonderful family, husband, son, a great attitude, intelligence, people who love you and you treat everyone so kind and with your heart. You are part of the puzzle of life and with you our lives are complete.


aw look at max! he's so close to crawling! in a way i dread it with the peanut :) i'm so lazy about baby proofing our home!


He'll be crawling in no time!

I love the little dimple on his right elbow. Too cute!

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