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November 15, 2007


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La Rêveuse


I know. Oh, I know.


aimee, i wish i had words to write that could give you some comfort....i was thinking while reading that post that your mother must be so very proud of you and the way you live your life in this moment. your account of your life as a mom is something i turn to and read whenever i feel down...thank you for sharing with all of us.


I so happy your mom comes to you in dreams. I worry a lot about mortality and for some reason it's comforting for me to know that.

I send you hugs, hugs, and more hugs from Silicon Valley...and I do wish you peace.


you are in my thoughts and heart today!

Mary Anne

hugs to you...

Mary Anne


Oh how I wish it was something that i could tell you to make it better. You will never forget her so I wouldn't worry about that. She will always be a part of you. When you miss her hug your little man more, pour all of your love or her into him.


I haven't experienced a loss like yours, but I hope that you find some sort of comfort during this time.


I often think of the sad occasion in which my mama will no longer be with me. And the overwhelming mystery of it all is so hard for me to fathom. My mama is my lifeline. What will I do when she is gone? Your description of feeling like she is on vacation is so understandable.
I think that when Max looks at her photo, they are communicating. :)


Getting older makes me think about things. Things like the older we get, these things happen and it's sad and you're well within your right to feel sad about the loss of someone so pivotal in who you are. Even if it's 50 years from now, it's okay to be sad.


Hugs, lotsa hugs (even if it's cyber hugs).



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